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Fishing with Tim McGlothlin 5/24/19

by Capt Juls on 05/24/19

Left the house this morning at 4:30 as quietly as I could, as my house guest was still sleeping. I headed to the gas station in town to gas up the boat before going to pick Tim up at the place he's renting for the weekend.  

Tim wanted this weekend, to learn the ins and outs of running and operating this  Ranger fishing machine, before he takes ownership of her in the fall. I thought it was a good idea too. :)

He jumped in the truck, and we headed to Rickard's Bait to pick up some ice and some shiners, because we both hoping to run into some perch to fish today. We then headed to Big Bopper's for some grub before launching.

It was 6AM when we left the ramp at Mazurik's and headed west to set up on one of the closer shoals with Bandits behind Off Shore boards at a speed of 1.8mph. The Bandits were out 40/45/50/55 back in blue/chrome, Buck Fever, Khaki, and a chrome purple one, with a chartreuse head, that I have no clue what its name is.

We didn't stay there very long since the Helix wasn't marking much of anything to my liking, so we headed east from there.  We set up at the shipping dock and trolled to the lighthouse in 28-30 foot of water with the same set up, and marked ungodly amounts of fish there, but nothing bit for us for one reason or another...that we never figured out, so we left and headed north.

The goal up north was to find some perch, so we headed to the last place I saw a huge school of them (last week....yeah, I know...but, I was hoping there was a chance they would still be around up there. If they were, we never found them). We did look in several different areas close by, but nothing on the sonar was tempting enough to waste our time on them, so we decided to go back to walleye fishing.

We both had our Canadian licenses, so over the line we went and set up on the west side of Pelee with the same Bandit program as before, but this time it was game on! 
We had just gotten all the boards out when the first one went back...then, a second one went back and we had a double on. 
Tim asked, "What do you want me to do here? "Just worry about the first fish, and we'll take them in order", I said.
Then, as Tim was reeling in the second fish, and I was trying to get the hooks out of the net, I saw the third board go back. "There's another one", I said, and Tim starting laughing, and said, "Well, would you look at that!"  I think we would have had 4 on if the first fish hadn't caught the line of the inside board on its way in, and taking it out of the action.  There were small pods of walleye roaming up there, so it took a little time to find them, lose them, and find them again. But, once we did find them it was always a quick bite...and, then....nothing for another 15-20 minutes.

It would take two hours to fill our two-person limit up there. But, the best part was, there were no other boats for miles. They all stopped at the line on the US side and packed around each other so bad that it looked like a boat city on the water....ugh.

The radio was alive with the chatter of Capt's politely asking other boats to pay attention to where they were going, and reminding them of the "Rules of the Road"....rules, that every boater should KNOW before operating a boat on a body of water.  I was actually surprised at how civil everyone was being today. :)

Anyway, Tim did a great job trying to learn everything there is to learn, but being thrown into the fire with only 4 hours of sleep made it tougher. So, he's getting a good night's rest, and we will be back at it tomorrow. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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