Juls Walleye Fishing Adventures / Rates
A driver's license, either a copy of your birth certificate OR passport, along with a valid Ontario Fishing License is required.
The Canadian Outdoors Card is not mandatory with a one day license. If you have purchased a one day license in the past, keep the number listed on it, as they will require that when purchasing another one through their online service in the future.
** MUST HAVE VALID FISHING LICENSE!! It is your responsibility to purchase one.
**click on links above for buying your license online.
          2017 Fishing license Pricing

Lake Erie Charter 1-Day Fishing License $11.00For residents and nonresidents – can be purchased in advance of scheduled charter trip. To validate the Fishing License, anglers must sign it and fill in the date at the beginning of the trip. If the trip is cancelled, anglers keep the un-validated Fishing License until they are able to re-schedule the trip.
3 day non-resident: $19.00

Ontario Fishing License:
~Fishing for 1 day only
If you plan to fish for a single day only, you do not need an Outdoors Card, but you need a 1-day sport fishing licence.
You also need to be aware, that we call into Canadian Customs when we cross the border... If you are a felon, they will NOT allow you to enter their country (even by water). Just because they sell you a license, does not mean they will allow you entry.
Please make your captain aware of the fact that you will not be able to fish Canadabefore your scheduled tripso we can make alternative plans on where to fish.

~You can always take it off, but you can't put it on if you don't have it with you. So, PLEASE dress for the conditions. There is nothing worse than being cold all day, especially when it is so easily preventable.
~sunglasses, hat, jacket, rain gear
~Food: I have snacks on board, and water. ~Please bring a lunch if you would like one. I have a cooler in the boat.
~PLEASE, No glass bottles or hard liquor (beer is okay..NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED IN CANADIAN WATER) ** If you become intoxicated I will make you wear a big ugly orange life jacket until we are done, and post your picture on Facebook. :)
~camera...if you forget one I can send you pictures that I take during the day.
~BIG enough cooler to take your fish home in! If you think you packed one that is big enough...bring a bigger one!!

Walleye, Perch, or Bass Adventures
Seven Days a Week! 

    Walleye and Perch Rates:
       1-3 People 6hr Charter:      $400.00 
    1-3 People 8 hr Charter:   $500.00
    1-3 People 10hr Charter:  $600.00

  • All Charters are "Weather Permitting"...NO Exceptions. Your safety is number one!
  • 100.00 Deposit Required to hold each chosen date. Balance Due the Day of Your Charter
  • Cancellation 30 Days in advance and you will receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • Cancellation due to weather is at Captain's discretion; Another date will be offered, or get a full refund of your deposit. 
  • *Your captain does not make a call to cancel until the morning of your trip, due to changes in forecasts, unless it's a certainty. "Chance of thunderstorms", does not qualify as a certainty. It's up to you to look at the forecast too, and decide if you want to drive here, with a chance of not fishing, or fishing in the rain.
  • Guests are obligated to pay for all days reserved regardless of weather and fishing conditions unless the trip is cancelled by your Captain. (Loss of Deposit Only)
  • All Equipment and Safety Equipment Supplied 
  • Departure Time Varies and is discussed with each client to make it convenient for everyone (time is dock to dock)
​Please Take:
​~motion sickness medication if you're prone to seasickness (take a dose the night before, and then again a couple hours before hitting the water) 
I recommend Ginger as a natural preventative.

*Prices Have Changed Due to Keeping Rates the Same as the other Captains Running 1-3 man trips.
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Deposits-Click Here
**now accepting Credit Card payments right at the dock! :)
*A 3% charge will be added.
**Tips are always        appreciated! :)
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