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Bass'n with Jeremy and Elijah 6/29/17

by Capt Juls on 07/05/17

I was asked in a comment to my previous blog how the bass trip went, so I'm going to blog it instead of responding to that comment (which are really really hard to read, by the Sorry, but I can't change the type color it's built in on this site builder thingy I'm using).


I had a walleye trip planned for Thursday and Friday of last week, but the weather was calling for strong winds out of the SW and a threat of thunderstorms. My crew from Wisconsin that had the two day trip planned decided to reschedule, so that freed up both Thursday and Friday.

I got a call Wednesday afternoon from Jeremy asking about doing a bass trip. Right off he said that he can't go on the big lake though, because he gets seasick easily...even with Dramamine. So, with that info, I told him that I could take him and his boy out on East Harbor Marina for some largemouth.  I told him up front that I haven't been in there to bass fish before, but have seen plenty of  spots that the bass fishermen are fishing when I go up that channel.  I also explained that fishing with soft craws was an extra charge for the bait, but that everything would eat them. He wanted his boy to have fun, so he was game for that.  I provided the gear and the drop shots to use the craws with.

I met them at the Walmart in town, because they were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge over in Sandusky. His wife and two daughters would stay behind and play int he water for the morning.
He and Elijah were right on time, and we headed over to Rickard's Bait for the soft craws and then over to the marina just to the east of Anchors Away (I forget the name of that one).  

I never put the boat on plane and headed down the channel, towards the lake, and fished the lee side of the channel.

The wind was blowing about 25mph already and was predicted to get up to 40mph by mid morning, so staying out of the wind as much as possible was going to help with the boat control. 

Hahaha...I have to laugh when I say, "boat control", because I don't have to do anything except hit a button on my Ulterra's remote for the "Spot Lock" function. It anchors us on an exact spot until I turn it off to move us to another spot.

We worked the tree line first. Elijah, who I think would have rather have been back at the lodge playing in the water park with his sisters, had his dad down 7 to 0. But, Jeremy, in his thick Boston accent said, "It's not how ya's how ya finish", and was more than happy to see his boy catching fish.  Eventually, Jeremy started catching too, and was catching up.

We moved to the rocks at the mouth of the channel, and went to the west side of the rocks on the outside to spend the last hour. A lot of fish were caught there, and some big sheepshead too. :)

So, it's pretty simple bass'n in the harbor channel...especially when you're using soft craws.  I was just setting them up with a drop shot hook that I buy from Rickard's with a 10-15" dropper with a 1/2 to 3/4 oz tear drop weight. They just cast them out and reel them back in slowly....crawling them across the bottom.

We broke off plenty of weights in the rocks, so have a good supply of weights with you.  I find, that if I tie the hook on to a braided line, and make the dropper a lighter mono line, then I only lose the weight and not the hook. And, since the hooks are 4.39 for 5 hooks...I don't want to lose them. :)

So, I hope this helps anyone looking to go bass fishing in the marina.  Jeremy had ended up beating Elijah by one fish for a total of 15 to 14 (not counting sheepshead and white perch). 

I will be back to walleye fishing again tomorrow....

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. Jeff Bushman said on 7/6/17 - 07:23AM
Thanks very much for the response and info! Good fishing.

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