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Day 2 with Ken and Doug 9/11/17

by Capt Juls on 09/11/17

Today was the second day of a two day trip with Ken Groeschel and his friend, Doug...with one slight unfortunate change in plans...Doug was "calling in sick".

When I was pulling out of the driveway this morning, I got a text from Ken telling me, "Doug is sick, and can't go, so pick me up at the hotel at 5:45". I replied, "I'm on my way...stopping for gas first, and I'll be there at 5:45".  Poor must have been something he ate yesterday, but I wasn't my brownies! D'Oh!

I picked Ken up at the hotel, and we drove over to Big Bopper's for breakfast. They hadn't closed that section of 163 east yet...the one that had the signs up stating that they would be closing the road there on Sept 11 for 7 days. That's going to be a pain in the butt, but since I don't have anything scheduled for the next 6 days, I guess it won't affect me too much. 

My friend "Trapper" was there at Big B's too, and when I asked him if he would want to go perch fishing with us today, he said, "Yes".
I hit Hi Way Bait after breakfast, because they changed their opening hour to 6am now, instead of 5:30.  I think Rickard's is still open at 5:30 though...but, don't quote me on that. It doesn't get light now until around 6:45, so the later openings won't hurt anything.

After getting minnows and ice, we drove over to Catawba to launch, because I figured since I was going to go fish the northern part of the islands, I would be able to open the Ranger up on the lee wind side of the land bits. I was right...woot! woot! ;)

We set up on the north side of North Bass, where I found some perchy marks with the Humminbird.  It was a pretty steady bite, but still not an "up and down" bite from 7am to 9:45, and then it slowed WAY down. We were 17 short of a three man limit by then though, so we just kept moving around and picking up a few here and a few there, until the we only needed 9 more. The last spot produced well though, and it wasn't long before we had those last nine in the cooler.

Normally, I would have stayed on that first spot, knowing they would turn on again....because, I was still marking them there...but, Ken kept saying, "Let's move over there a little bit", or "Let's move 100 feet"  So, I obliged. :)

Never the less, it was a fun fun morning and we managed 29 pounds at the cleaners. Doug met us at Port Clinton Fish Co., and was looking in much better form, than I had expected him that was good! They said they had a good time and would be back again next season, so that made me happy. :)

I'm off until Monday the 18th, unless someone contacts me for a charter this week.

So, until then....I'll be cleaning my house, cleaning my yard, and getting ready, because.....(said in the voice of Eddard Stark) "Winter is Coming". 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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