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Day 3 of 4 Fishing with "Doc", Tom, and Heath 4/4/2022

by Capt Juls on 04/04/22

Left the house at 4:45 and drove across town, to hook up the boat, take it to get gas and ice, and get back to the building before my crew was to meet me there at 5:45. The plan was to trailer the boat to the east and launch over there, since it was going to start raining mid-morning, and a shorter run on the water is much better than a long one. :)

I will preface this report with the fact that I was given a location by my friend, Capt Bobby Greene, last night, so it's not my information to give out. I will only say that it was to the east, and that it would have been a very long run from Mazurik's. 

What I can tell you, is that we targeted 39-43 feet of water with Bandits and P-10's.
Pretty much the same program from Saturday's trip. Bandits ran on the starboard side and P-10's ran on the port side.  I even left the same Bandits on that we used on Saturday.

Taco Salad ran 120 back behind the Off Shore board...
Chrome Barbie ran 97 feet back...
RC Crush was 77 back...
And, Pink Lemonade or Cotton Candy (whatever you want to call it) ran at 67 back.

P-10s with 2oz snap weights:
Marvin was at 20/20 behind the Off Shore board....
Nascar was 21/21...
Lemon Lime Crush was 17/17...(at one point we kept the weight at 17, but dropped it back to 60 total, to make it deeper...that worked too)
Blue Chrome was 24/24....

Speed was 1.2-1.4mph

Everything worked today. We had lots of doubles and fire drills going this morning, and my crew was absolutely fantastic! Luckily, they remembered their "training" from Saturday, and did everything right. It made my job so easy! All I had to do was take off boards and net the fish. lol

We only had one tangle bringing the last fish in, but that was due to a crazy fish that just didn't want to play right. It, of course, was on the outside board, and took out the other three coming in. Normally, it would be okay, but this was one hell of a tangle with the lines and three of the 4 lines had to be cut. So, we took those reels off and replaced them with 3 fresh ones I grabbed from storage, that were already calibrated, and ready to go for tomorrow. crew was awesome (can't say that enough), and we had their limit by 8:30, and my 6 by 9:45, I think.  It slowed down a little when we turned and changed direction, to go back over the line we were on, so we picked everything up and made a run back to where we started, and set up on our line again, going the same direction we were going the first time, which was to the east.

I have this crew for one more day, and tomorrow's wind forecast is looking very good, so we will be doing a repeat of this morning. I hope those fish decide to hang out for one more day, at least. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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