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Day 3 of 4 with Marc and Jim 7/14/2022

by Capt Juls on 07/14/22

I called, and gave my crew a wake-up call at 3:45am, like I promised. I wasn't leaving it up to the lazy front desk crew at the Best Western, to get them up. lol

I told Marc and Jim I would pick them up at 4:30, and showed up early...went in, and chatted with them over breakfast. After they were done eating, we hit the road at 4:30, and did the usual gas station stop, before heading to Vermilion to launch.

We were headed down the Vermilion River by 5:20, just as it was getting light out. The wind was light out of the north, and the air temp was 64 degrees. The sky was mostly clear, with a brightly lit full moon, sitting low in the western sky.

After taking a right at the break wall, we headed NNW for about 8-9 miles before setting up over 50 feet of water. The marks showing on the Solix were deep this morning. I'm thinking that full moon, and the thermocline, had something to do with that behavior, but it's only a guess on my part. :)

Bandits behind the Off Shore boards were set with 2oz Guppy weights at the 50 mark, and then let out to a total of 150 and 130 on the starboard side (colors were Carrot Top and Green Lantern/red chin), and 145 and 125 on the port side (Carrot Top and Blue Chrome).  Those all took nice fish multiple times.

Dipsies were set with Yeck spoons, Stinger, and Scorpion Stingers spoons....note: the Scorpions were taken off and replaced with the larger BadMo spoons, which was a good replacement.
Zero setting was 60 on both sides, and the two settings were 100 and 105. All of these took multiple fish, too.

Speed was 2.3-2.5mph

The color confusion was good in both the Yeck and Stinger spoons. The effective BadMo that we used, had an antifreeze green on the back side. I tried one with the pink antifreeze, but it did nothing, so I replaced it with another Confusion (copper with pastel colored dots), and it started catching, too.

The bite was a little faster, early, and then slowed a bit, but still very good all morning....and, the best part... there were no other boats in site. Which was nice, because I didn't have to keep turning around to see where other boats were, and who had the right-of-way. :)

My crew was busy all morning, and we each kept a nice grade of walleye for our 3-person limits. I've had Marc and Jim for three days now, and each day our cooler has gotten heavier with a better grade of fish.  I'm not sure where we are headed tomorrow. The wind is only supposed to be 8mph out of the south. I may try someplace closer to home, this time.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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