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Fishing Day Two With Todd and Matt 4/28/2021

by Capt Juls on 04/28/21

Same crew different day:

I told Todd and Matt yesterday, that I would text them when I got up and had a chance to check the weather and wind forecast for today, to let them know if it was a go or no-go. It was going to be a go, but iWindSurf was showing strong winds from the SW until around 8am, so I told them that we would launch at 6:30 instead of 6:00, so I could read the waves on the way to our spot. Todd texted back and said, "Sounds good". 

As usual, I was ready to go way before I needed to be, and was getting impatient, so I left the house at 5am and headed to the gas station for the usual. I hit Mazurik's a short time later and did some maintenance around the boat. I tightened up the antenna, tightened up the little nut thingy that keeps the kicker motor straight, tightened up some screws I saw coming loose in a few places, put a bunch of crankbaits away, and got a few others out to try.

My crew showed up about 6:15, and we hit the water at 6:30. We headed west, and set up short of where we ended up yesterday by a mile, or mile and a half. The program was:
Spro's all 60 back....colors: Marble Brown, (2) Lemon Lime Crush, Blue Chrome
Bandits: inside to the outside Off Shore board....45, 57, 63, 65....colors: (same order) Pickle Rick Foil (a DJ color), Blue Chrome, a lemon lime with scales that one of my recent customers brought with him and gave me, and Humble Bee Black Stripes (stock color).  The Humble Bee came off when every other color took fish, but that one didn't. I replaced that one with IB Infected (another DJ Custom color), and that one would started pulling fish consistently.

Speed was 1.8-2.1mph  When the wind would gust, and the boat would start going too fast, I continually adjust the speed, or slow the boat by putting the back corner of the boat to the waves to slow it to a more steady speed.  "S turns" produced a lot of the bites too.

We were pulling in doubles and had one triple, but otherwise, it was just a nice steady bite. We had their two-person limit by 8:08 and then picked up to make another run up to start another pass. The bite was a little slower on that second pass, but when they did bite, they usually bit with multiple boards going back at the same time. Then, nothing for 5 minutes or so, and it would happen again. 

Just a super fun morning kind of bite. Not too fast and not too slow. :)

The Spro Madeye 120's on the Port side caught more fish than the Bandits on the first pass, but I think the Bandits made up for their lack of effort on the second pass, so it was pretty even on how many each side caught.

We headed in with our three-person limit and two happy customers. 

Todd likes to hire different Captains and see which ones he likes best. He's been fishing here for several years and has gone with... I think, he said 10 captains now. He fished with Capt Bobby Greene two days ago, with me for two days, and will be fishing with Bobby again tomorrow.  When we were at the ramp, he said, "I really enjoyed fishing with you, and I would like to come back and do it again soon", and I said, giggling and clapping my hands together quickly, "Yay! I made the cut!"  He laughed.  He wants to bring his wife up to fish with me, so that makes me happy. :)

Tomorrow, I have Rick Parker and his crew. We get to look forward to fishing in the rain, a light NE wind, and about a 20 degree drop in air temps.....deep sigh. But, on the bright side, I don't have to clean the boat today, if it's only going to get dirty in the rain tomorrow. So, I guess that's one less thing, eh? lol

The only thing that will stop tomorrow's trip and disappoint a crew that has been waiting since their trip was rescheduled from last Thursday, is lightning, or stronger NE winds that are forecast for right now. I don't want to disappoint them, but safety comes first. We shall see what the morning brings.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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