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Fishing with Bob and Greg 8/23/17

by Capt Juls on 08/23/17

Yesterday was a blow day, since there was a "Small Craft Advisory" from 9am to late evening, so no report from yesterday.


I picked my crew up at their hotel at 5:30 and stopped to get some minnows from Rickard's. He was  putting out signs that say they have Emerald Shiners, when we pulled in, so I was a bit excited to see that.  However, when I got out of the truck and motioned to Rick with some "happy clapping" he said, "Their Pinheads", and my clapping stopped. lol

I normally hate using pinheads, because they're so tiny, and hard to keep on the hooks. I had some of my frozen emeralds with me, so I wasn't too upset about it, and he said there were goldens mixed in with them, so I was cool with that and bought 3 scoops.

It turned out to be the ticket to catching our perch today....all they wanted were the tiny little pinheads. They didn't want my larger emeralds or goldens at all today.  That confused me until I put two and two together, and realized that just last week the perch were puking up tiny pinhead sized fish. I thought they were baby Gobies, but they could have been the baby emeralds in the system now. That's good to see, because we haven't had any good hatches of emeralds for a couple years, due to weather in June. or so I'm told (I'm no expert on minnows).

We even caught a few smaller perch, which I was happy to see, because I haven't seen as many little perch as we have in the past. I'm thinking that all the extra walleye we have in the system now, it is wreaking havoc on our young perch. Maybe if there is a good bait hatch, they will leave the perch alone. I doubt it though....who doesn't like a good perch dinner? Why would the walleye be any different? ;)

Bob and Greg are return customers, who like to come down here from Wisconsin and just decompress. So, it's not all about catching fish....but, it sure is more fun when we do!  They ended the day with  only 38 large perch that went 20 pounds at the, 1/2 pound fatties.  They were happy with that.

We were hiding out of the wind on the east side of South Bass Island and a little SSE off the monument in 28' of water. There are a lot of fish there, and they would come and go.  If we had all the fish we missed, due to their lite bites, we would have limited out quite early, but it was a tricky bite. Only a handful had them deep inside their throats. The rest were just barely hooked on the lip.

We will be out again tomorrow to give it another shot. North winds tomorrow, but not as strong, so I think we can move further north and east to give it a go.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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