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Fishing with Capt Jenn 11/24/2020

by Capt Juls on 11/24/20

It was cold and dark this morning, when I went out on the back deck with the dog to check the wind. It was 33 degrees with a "feels like" temp of 24...brrr.

After taking care of the usual things before I leave to go fishing, I headed over to Jenn's house, so we could walk the dogs before going to the building to get my boat.  I showed up at her house about an hour and a half before sunrise.

We took the dogs for a 20 minute walk and then dropped them off at her house. Dexter would get to hang out with their pups for the morning.  Capt Matt, (Jenn's hubby), was headed to Cleveland to fish with Capt David Faller...looking for the "Big one".

After stopping to gas up the boat and truck, and put ice the cooler, we hit Mazurik's at 7:15. Sunrise was at 7:28 this morning, so we were on the water waiting for the engine to warm up when the sun hit the horizon.

The wind was 7mph out of the NNE when we headed out, but it was quickly changing to the ESE in the first two hours, so we had changing currents happening.  We started at the 33/35 and headed back to the west. 

The Ulterra had the autopilot on a WNW course. The baby ETEC was nothing more than an idle speed to keep us at 1.7-2.0mph.

The port side ran two Bandits and one Spro Madeye 120. The RC Crush Bandit was on the outside at 125 back, the Chrome Perch Spro was 100 back, and the Red Headed Wonderbread Bandit was 75 back.

The starboard side ran too many to keep track of. For some reason, the port side took 10 of the 12 fish this morning. It might have had something to do with the current where we were too, but I know I changed things up several times. 

I was playing with speed a lot too. We caught fish as slow as 1.4mph and as high as 2.3mph this morning.

The first 7 fish came from that pass, and when that slowed up we picked everything up and headed down inside to the SE. We started at the 28/33 and again went on a westerly troll back towards Cedar Point over 42/43 feet of water.

We ran the same program and caught fish anytime Jenn ate something, or when I played with the speed...hoping to entice them. Whatever it was, it worked, and we put the last 5 fish in the cooler over in that area.

We were done by noon, and headed in. Rain was on the way...we timed it just right. The boat was back in the heated building, dogs let out to pee, and the fish taken over to Port Clinton Fish Co to be cleaned before it started to drizzle a very cold rain.

Matt and David caught a brawl'n fish over in the Cleveland area and took it over to Erie Outfitters to be officially weighed. The fish went 30.25 inches and weighed in at 11.22 pounds. Just out of the money....deep sigh. lol

We will be out brawl'n again on Thanksgiving Day. Those fish will go to the "Back to the Wild" wildlife rehab center to help feed their critters for a few days.  None of the fish cleaning businesses will be cleaning fish on Thanksgiving anyway, so we'll help feed the critters instead.

The weather looks good for Thursday and Friday, so if you still have a boat you can use...get out there! The fishing is very good right now. 

Good luck if you're brawl'n too, but we're hoping to catch the "Big one" instead of you! Sorry....not sorry! :)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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