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Fishing with Chad, Cade, and Garrett 9/6/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/06/20

It was one of those mornings, where I walked outside to have my stomach do a flip pity-flop, because I noticed that the garden hose had twisted in the extension cord, and pulled it out of the plug in my boat.  Everything was off, so I quieted my sudden panic and plugged it back in. I still had 45 minutes before I had to leave, and I hoped when I checked it before I left that it would be enough.

The three Ulterra batteries came up to full charge, but the starting battery was only showing two yellow lights, so it wasn't up to full charge yet.

I knew that it would charge while I was running and as long as it would start at the ramp, it would be okay. I would only run one of the two Humminbird's at a time, to help conserve juice throughout the day too. All would be well. Whew!

I met my crew at Mazurik's at 6:30 and we hit the water shortly after. I hadn't been out for four days, due to wind, so I just started back in the last place I left them on the last trip..up there on the north side of Kelly's.  Because there were still some big rollers coming from the NE, I decided to go past my spot and set up with the waves pushing us... (that would be a NE to SW pass).

Same program to start as last time too....

Bandits set with 2oz snap weights at a total line length out of 120 and 110 on one side of the boat and at 115 and 100 on the other side.
Dipsies were run not he 1 and 3 settings. The 1 settings ran at 54 and 70 back and the 3 settings ran at 75 and 100 back.

Speed was 2.3 to 2.7mph (depending on wave surges)

We caught 4 fish there and they all came on the spoons. I decided to move to the Huron Dump, as it was about the only other report I had heard about that was halfway decent, so we picked up and made the 13.5 mile move. The two boys were tired and took that opportunity to take a nap on the way there.

We set up again on the north side of the dump, and this time I was trolling from north to south (towards it). We picked up some small walleye and some junk fish, but only one keeper to give us a total of 5 fish.

We made one more short move to the south and worked a contour towards Cedar Point, but only caught short walleye and a few more junkers there.

It was a tough day of catching, but it was a fun day of fishing, and memories were made for Chad and his son, Cade, and Cade's friend, Garrett. They had gone to Cedar Point the day before, and on the ride out this morning, I said, "This is kind of like a Cedar Point ride", as we made our way out over the rollers. Chad replied, "Yeah, but without the lines!".

Chad did a great job helping set lines this morning, and the boys took turns reeling in fish as they hit our baits. It's good to see all the 2019 fish out there, but it sure would be nicer to see all of the big schools of bigger fish come back to this end of the lake sometime soon too! Last September was much better than this season, in my opinion.

Tomorrow, no one will be out. They are calling for gale force winds up to 60mph. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I have three gents from Wisconsin. Looks like the winds will make the lake fishable, so if we can't find any walleye, we may just go searching for some perch instead.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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