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Fishing with Dan, Brian, and Jackson 7/25/2020

by Capt Juls on 07/25/20

Left the house at 4:30 this morning and headed to the gas station. Gassed up, and put oil in the G2 and the baby ETEC, and iced the big cooler and the boat's cooler for today's "Adventure".  I hit Mazurik's at 5AM (a 1/2 hour earlier than normal), so I could wipe the boat down.  

The morning's dew made an easy job of removing the water spots from the trip the day before, so no more spray wax was needed. :)

I had told my crew we would launch by 6AM, and luckily they showed up early. I was done with wiping the boat down, getting rods out, putting the navigation light in, and setting up my Captain's station with the usual gadgets by the time they arrived. We hit the water at 5:45.

The skies were clear, the wind was nonexistent, and the temps were in the high 60's to low 70's. The horizon had a dark band near the earth and a dark red band above it. As the earth turned, the sky became lighter and the giant star emerged. We had already been set up and trolling by the time that happened.

We were right back where I started yesterday. We set up with the same program.  2 Bandits out each side behind Off Shore boards....Popsicle, (2) Chrome Popsicle, and Chrome Barbie...50/65 w/2oz, 50/70 w/2oz, 50/60 w/2oz, and 50/65 w/3oz.   
Scorpion spoons on dipsies set 94 and 100 on the 3 setting and 54 and 60 on the 1 setting. Speed was 2.5-2.8 mph.  An "Attention Deficit" spoon was bit off, so it was replaced with another. And, the Chrome Barbie was taken off and a Pooh Bear replaced it late in the game and took a fish not long after it was added to the line up.

Remember me telling you that yesterday our best direction was east to west? Well, that was my plan, initially, but my gut said to go east. I figured that the last spot was going to be crowded today, and as you all know, I like my space. As soon as one spot gets crowded, I'll go find another one.

Well, we had the area to ourselves this morning, and had our 24 in the cooler by 8:30AM. Dan had fished with me before, and brought his son and grandson along with him this time. They did most of the work, and when we had a fire drill going, Dan would hop in and catch some fish too. 

It didn't start out gangbusters, but it got to be a very steady bite with some junk fish and small walleye too. We threw back some 15 inchers to let them have a chance to get bigger.  There were a couple doubles and one triple in there too, so things got interesting, but they handled it well. 

The crew did a great job and learned quickly. They were a huge help this morning, and that makes me happy!

We headed back in at a nice cruising speed, to enjoy the scenery of other boats out there doing what we were just doing, and just relaxing.

Tomorrow, I have a young family. Laura, her husband, and young son. We might have a later start, but if Mom can get everyone going in the morning, I hope to be on the water by 5:45 again.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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