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Fishing with Chris Rivi 7/13/17

by Capt Juls on 07/13/17

Chris was on his way home from a fishing trip in Quebec, and stopped to go fishing with me on his way back to Dallas, TX.  He was supposed to fish with me back in June, but we had to reschedule, due to the weather, so he rescheduled to go with me on his way back home.  This morning's weather was pretty rough to start out with, so we waited for the thunderstorms and heavy rain to clear out before heading to Mazurik's to launch.

We hit the water at 8am and headed north to the area around Lucy's for some walleye fishing.  We kept busy with my regular harness program, but we were only running two per side instead of three, since it was just the two of us today.  There were a lot of short walleye, but we did manage to catch two keepers there. 

We only made one pass through that area, and then headed over to West Reef, so he could do some drift casting for walleye. Yeah, yeah...I know..."But, Juls, you never drift cast"! Ha! I KNOW, right? lol   But, he wanted to, so since it was just one person, I obliged. :)

He caught a nice walleye, about 24 inches, on top of one of the humps on the south side of the reef.  We made one pass through there, and during our conversation, I found out he loves to perch fish. Something he didn't tell me in all our conversations prior to the trip!  I called Captain Kevin, who was on shore today, and asked if he would run over to Mazurik's with some minnows and a couple rods for us to use, so we could do some perch'n out in front of Mazurik's.

The water temp up at Lucy's and West Reef was 73 degrees and only 69.9 a half mile out of Mazurik's....figure that one out. It was a SW wind with gusts to about 20, so the ride was a bit bumpy on the way back in, but Kevin was there when we got back.....thanks Kevin!

After we both took the opportunity to use the bathrooms there, we headed back out in front of the launch and looked for some marks on the bottom with the Helix....found some, and anchored up over them.  It wasn't a fast bite, but they were good perch...not monsters, but eaters none the less.  We only got 28 before we had to head in.  

Chris was such an easy going guy and a lot of fun.  He's planning on coming back in September for some more perch action. I told him that it would only get better and better as the fall approached, so he's looking forward to that. 

Tomorrow, I have a perch trip with Michael Pullman and his buddies, and they sound like they are a lot of fun, so I'm looking forward to getting out with them tomorrow.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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