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Fishing with Chris, Tom, and Kevin 5/17/2021

by Capt Juls on 05/17/21

I woke up a little before 3am, before the alarm went off, so I got up and made some coffee.  Dexter and I, went out to the back deck to check out the morning's weather.  Dexter smelled something that he couldn't see, in the damp morning air, so he took off running to the back fence, to act all big and scary to any would be intruders. All critters now had fair warning that he would kill them if they came inside the fence.  While he tended to his morning business, I sipped coffee and looked at my weather apps.

The iWindSurf forecast was calling for 5-15mph, out of the E at Middle Bass for most of the day. The weather app said it was supposed to be cloudy all day too, but neither of those things happened. The wind never arrived until the afternoon, and the sun was shining quite a bit this morning too.  The air temp was somewhere between deciding if I should put my slippers on my bare feet, or leave the off. I'm guessing it was around 60 degrees when we launched at 5:30.

We left out of Catawba, and headed north. The program used the past two days is what was used first thing this morning. Some of the colors changed though.

Spros and Bandits were run on the starboard side, and Flicker Minnow (#11's) were run on the port side. The starboard side was set at (shortest to longest lead out behind Off Shore boards)...30', 40', 50', and 60' back (unassisted), and the port side was run at 40, 50, 55, and 60'. 

Colors that caught fish today, were "Flashy Chartreuse" (FM11), "Purple Shiner" (FM11), "Blue Shiner" (FM11), and "Flashy Pearl" (FM11), Blue/Chrome (Spro), and "Taco Salad" (Bandit), 

Speed was 1.7-2.0mph. Water temp was 57-58 degrees. 
Some fish hit on the slow side and some hit on the fast side, and most were caught on the 40 and 60 foot leads on both sides.

We caught 12 healthy walleye, a few GIANT Sheephead, and one big White Perch. It was a slow bite for us this morning, and a frustrating one for me. I felt like it was going to be one of those, "I went left when I should have gone right" kind of days. Uffda! But, we worked at it and managed to grind out 12 good eaters for them to take home. 

During the lulls between fish, we were kept entertained by Chris, who is a Capt of his own walleye fishing charter service over there in Vermilion, OH, called, "Seawise Charters", with a plethora of  his funny "Dad Jokes".  

He and his friends, Tom and Kevin, came out with me to learn more about using the Off Shore boards while trolling. 
Mission Accomplished. They were setting out, and bringing them in, like a well oiled machine in no time at all.  They had a good time, relaxed,  enjoyed the good weather, and friendly banter....the music wasn't bad either...wink wink.

I'm off tomorrow, but will be back out for the rest of this week and weekend, before the next day off, so....

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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