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Fishing with Colin, Mark, and Dave 9/19/17

by Capt Juls on 09/19/17

I feel bad even beginning to write this, knowing that I am not going to give out the location, or even the general area of where I am perch fishing right now. Forgive me, but I just want to finish off my season with a bang, and some kick ass perch fishing for my customers, without a ton of boats moving in, to move the fish off.

There are a bunch of folks who are there with me now, and hopefully, they are keeping quiet too, but we'll see...I guess by the weekend, since it's going to be hot out, this area will be crowded too, and I'll have to move again.....deep sigh.
I really do like having a spot all to myself from time to time. :)

Anyway, we managed a 4 person limit in a little over 2 hours this morning, that went 41 pounds at the cleaners.  My guys had a fantastic time, and didn't even mind getting rained on from time to time out there.  Thankfully, the heavy stuff waited to come down after we were off the water. Unfortunately, for my nice clean wasn't home under the carport before it came down....ugh.  

The highlight of the morning was this double winged dragon fly who hitched a ride. First, it was on the carpet...just hanging out with Colin, who was up on the bow of the boat.  Then, it was hanging out on his shoe for awhile, before Colin moved it off his shoe, so it wouldn't get stepped on. Then, we thought it flew off, but I found it hanging out on the steering wheel of the Ranger. And, then, after we were done and ready to head back, I moved it to underneath the dash, by my feet, where it could hang out on my raincoat that was stuff under there. That way, it had a wind block. Once we were back at the ramp, we unloaded the boat in the parking lot, and moved the little bugger to a more natural setting where it could rest and revive itself.....or, get eaten by a bird...whichever comes first, I guess. :)

My crew for tomorrow consists of my customer from this past Sunday, and his friend, and since he's already seen my boat clean, I'm not even going to bother with it today, since it's all wet, and I can't vacuum it anyway. (Inside, I'm saying "Woot! Woot! Ha!)

I'll be meeting my crew at Big Bopper's in the morning for some grub, before heading out for some more perching fun. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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