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Fishing with Dave, Sue, and "Wojo" 7/5/2021

by Capt Juls on 07/05/21

I had the 4th and 5th scheduled off....just because....but, I received an email from a local who was having some issues learning to troll for the first time, and asked if I had any openings this week. I couldn't let him go out there not knowing what he's doing, so I said I had tomorrow (today) open.  He booked the trip.

We met at Mazurik's at 5:15 and headed out at 5:30. By the looks of the sky, I can start meeting the crews at 5:30 and heading out at 5:45. I like to be able to take the navigation light off the back, once we get to our destination. It was still a little dark at 5:40 when we set the first boards this morning, out in front of Cedar Point, but since no one was out, and it would be getting lighter soon, I removed the back one anyway.

Dave, his wife Sue, and his buddy, "Wojo", had never used more than two boards, so it was going to be a quick lesson on how to set 4 boards per side and a dipsey off each corner.  I started with a speed of 2.1-2.4mph.

The port side ran "Baby Spros" (Diver 85's), and the starboard side ran the Madeye 120s.  Both sides were set out at 100/80/60/and 45 (longest leads on the outside boards).  The dipsies were set on the zero setting at 30 and the 1 setting at 35. We started in 38' of water in front of Cedar Point. The Ulterra and Baby ETEC were on a northerly course, along one of the more common contour lines.

As we trolled into deeper water, I changed up the Baby Spro side to Bandits, since the Spro Madeyes were picking a fish here and there. I also think the Baby Spros don't run as well at faster speeds, as the Madeye 120's. 
It was a slow bite, and mostly small eyes on the spoons, until we moved even deeper to 43 feet, and changed things up again. 

This time, I took one board rod out of the set up on each side, and pulled out two more dipsey rods. These dipsies were both set on the 3 setting and set out at 65 back with spoons.  I also changed out the Bandits for the Walleye Nation Creation, Reapers. The deep diver.  I had three out, at 77, 65, and 57. 

One color, caught 5 of the walleye that we put in the cooler, and I wish I had had it out sooner, because every fish it caught was one of the nicer ones. Its color name is "Goldaliscious".  I think Capt Bobby Greene said this one was hot for him the other day, but I didn't see the lure color.  I had to go look up the name, just now, so I got lucky by picking the right one out of the box this morning... because, he was right! lol

Anyway, the other two Reapers out there, running a little shallower, only caught one at 65 back. The Goldaliscious at 77 back was doing something right, I guess. I only have two in that color though, so I'll see if I have the shallow diver in that color and put it on a dipsey, and see what happens.

I sped things up to 2.7-2.9mph to get by a boat that was encroaching on my port side, and the chaos began, so they definitely wanted it faster today.

The spoons were constantly being checked, otherwise, little walleye that want to be big walleye would just be hanging there, getting pulled along. So, it was pretty steady work all morning, The crew kept busy, and I let them handle as many as they wanted, so they could really learn what was happening and why I do stuff the way I do. I even let them do the netting too. 

On a side note, just because I'm thinking of it...I always say, "Organization is the key to success". Meaning, if things are organized, and there's a routine for bringing in fish, netting fish, and placing the net in the boat a certain way, etc.... I call it, "The Dance". Once everyone gets in the groove, everyone starts working like a well-oiled machine, and the cooler fills up with fish. :)

Dave, Sue, and Wojo did a great job this morning....they learned "the dance" well. I have no doubt in my mind that they have a better understanding of how to troll now. Dave was excited about taking what he learned and figuring out how to best do it from his boat....and, that makes me happy! Mission accomplished! :)

Tomorrow, I'm fishing with Mark Miller and his wife (I don't know her name yet), who are driving in from Rochester, NY this afternoon.

The forecast is calling for some gusty SW winds in the morning, so I'm going to see if there are fish in close tomorrow, as the wife is susceptible to motion sickness. If I were to go out where I was this morning, with the wind forecast, as it stands right would be 3-4s with some 5s thrown in for good measure. I can't do that to her.

I'm told there were some good marks seen inside today, so I'll give it a shot, and see what happens. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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