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Fishing with Dennis and Jeff 7/17/2020

by Capt Juls on 07/17/20

I was off yesterday. This morning, I woke up at 3am and hit the back deck with some coffee. It was damp. The air was thick, and the wind was very light out of the SW. There was dew on everything, which meant I could easily wipe the boat down when I got to Bopper's early to meet my crew for some breakfast.

I did just that. I was meeting my crew at 5am and parked in the Big B's parking lot at 4:30. That gave me plenty of time to clean things up before they got there.

Kenny opened up the restaurant at 4:45, so I headed in to grab one of the tables. There are fewer tables now, due to the social distancing restrictions in place, so I grabbed one in the rear. My guys showed up right on time and joined me at the table.

We talked, while we ate a good breakfast, and I gave them an idea of what we would be doing this morning.  After breakfast, they followed me to Mazurik's to launch. We hit the water at 5:50. The sun was just starting to glow from beneath the horizon, and lighting things up enough to see across the water.

We went up to the Canadian line and set up with my usual set up with two customers....4 dipsies and 4 Off Shore boards with various cranks behind them.

Today, the dipsies on the 3 setting were set at 80/90/94/100/105/and 107. The lower numbers were earlier in the morning, and set deeper as the morning progressed. The higher numbers that were deeper were more productive.

"Popsicle" Bandit (a stock color) has been good for weeks now. It was again today. I ended up running three of the 4 lines with "Popsicle" and a Green Clown on the 4th.   80 back unassisted was very good and so was the one set 50/125 w/2oz snap weight at 2.4-2.6mph.

We had our limit by 9am along with a plethora of sheep and whites mixed in there too.

We plan to repeat this again tomorrow on the same "Bat Channel at the same Bat Time".

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. Bill Vogelzang said on 7/19/20 - 12:39PM
Hey Juls, I can never remember on a 50/125 bandit set if it's 50 plus 75 or 50 plus 125? I'm assuming 50, the 2 0z snap weight and then 75 more but...? Thanks for a little refresh. Hope you're doing well. Bill

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