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Fishing with Diane, Chad, and Jeff 6/26/2022

by Capt Juls on 06/26/22

I woke up at 1:15 this morning, 45 minutes before my alarm was to go off, and laid there, wide awake, so I just got up and made some coffee. I was thinking about this two day trip I had for today and tomorrow, and knew that tomorrow was going to be a blow day with the forecasted gusty NW winds, so we had to get today's trip in, for sure.

The forecast was calling for rain around 9am and winds coming in behind it.  I grabbed my coffee, treats for Dexter and the cats, and headed out to the back deck to sit by my fire pit, and check my weather apps.  The radar showed a fast moving storm cell over in Indiana, that was moving fast, and had a lot of lightning in it. That one had me a little worried, since it was moving so fast.  I didn't have to pick them up until 4:20, so I watched it as it moved across the states.  It seemed to be diminishing in intensity as it got closer, and the lightning disappeared from it, so that was good.

The wind forecast was showing light winds for the morning and picking up as the day went on, so I  knew we could get the fishing in, and just hoped that the fish were as cooperative today, as they were yesterday.

Diane and her husband Chad, and Chad's brother, Jeff, were right on time this morning when I arrived at the White Caps Motel to pick them up. Diane had bought this trip for Chad, for his birthday present, which was last month, I think.

We chatted as we drove through town, and stopped at the Speedway for my usuals, but they had all the pumps taped off for some reason, so we had to go down the road to for gas and ice.

We got to the Huron ramp a little after 5am and were headed ENE out of the river by 5:30.  
The report is basically the same as yesterday's. I rode the same trail I used yesterday, starting in 38 feet of water and ending in 42 feet of water.

Spoons behind dipsies did most of the catching again, but the Bandits riding behind the Off Shore boards did a little better today, than they did yesterday.  40-65 back unassisted did well, and caught 5 or 6 of the fish.

Dipsies on the zero setting were 30 and 35 back, and the two settings were at 40 and 50 back.

Speed was 2.5mph.

It was a beautiful morning, with a light SW wind, no bugs, and no rain. My crew did a fantastic job, and started the morning off with a few fire drills...and, me, shouting instructions at them, to keep them from tangling things. We did get a few tangles during all of it, but we mostly worked like a well oiled machine, and managed to put our 24 fish in the cooler by 7:45.  They were amazed at the fishery we have here, and had so much fun, that they are going to book another trip, and come back in the spring, to try for a trophy fish.....and, that makes me happy!

After we were done, they wanted to float around for a little bit... with a beverage, and a bite to take in what they just experienced. So, I put all the gear away, stowed the Ulterra and the baby Merc, and turned up the stereo. We sat and talked for a while, and when they were done, we headed home. A perfect morning. :)

Tomorrow's forecast is calling for gusty NW winds, so it's a no-go.  I'm scheduled off for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I won't be back out until Thursday.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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