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Fishing with Greg and Ray 9/28/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/28/20

I decided to drive over to Huron to launch this morning.  I had Greg and Ray, who hail from Indiana, meet me at the Walmart parking lot.  They showed up at 5:45. We hit the Speedway for gas and ice and then headed to Huron. 

We launched at 6:30... in the dark. By the time we idled to the mouth of the river, the sky was just beginning to lighten.  The first stop would be near Ruggle's Reef. No marks there in 34 feet of water, so we kept going. I turned the boat WNW to look in deeper water.  

We set up northeast of Cedar Point in 40 feet of water with Bandits behind Off Shore boards (3 on each side) and, 3 dipsies.   The port side Bandits were run deep with 3 oz weights at 20/90...20/70...and 20/50 (or, a total of 110, 90, and 70 back respectively).  The starboard side was set unassisted at 120, 80, and 65 back. 

The dipsies were set on the 0 setting and out 56 and 58 back with Yaleye Mooneye Minnows.

The Bandit 120 back, unassisted, took the first fish. Then, I saw the mistake I made. I had put a shallow Bandit (Fruitdots), that I use on the dipsies out there, so it was only running 10 feet down! I swapped it out for the deep diver in the same color and set it out at 35 back.

But, then the deepest one caught a fish (the 3oz 20/90 back), so whaddaya do? lol

Then, the dipsey at 58 back took a nice one.

So, the high side was set deeper, because it hadn't done anything since the incidental catch of the one high fish.

We made a couple passes through that area, caught a few more fish, and then moved NE a few miles to set up there. The Ulterra kept us on an east track at 2.2-2.4mph.  We caught 2 more out there and ended the trip with a total of 7 walleye.

Greg and Ray did a great job setting the lines, and kept me entertained with friendly chit-chat and ribbing. :)

I'm fishing with them again tomorrow, if the weather permits. I'll make that call in the morning after I see the wind forecast.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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