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Fishing with Ty, Jacob, and David 5/15/2021

by Capt Juls on 05/15/21

Launched at 5:15 this morning and headed north out of Catawba. Our first spot was really good, until the flotilla of boats started showing up around 6am. Then, we just tried to stay on one small pod of active fish by turning on them over and over, while dodging boats.  

We went 20 for24 there, and decided to move and find another less crowded area to catch the last 4 someplace else.  

Program was Spros and Bandits 40-60 back at 1.7-1.8 mph. Chromes worked best for us, but maybe that's simply because that's what we had on. lol
(2) Golden Perch, (3) Blue/Chrome, Buck Fever, Green Clown, Black/Gold.

In the second spot, we ran Spros and Bandits on one side and Flicker Minnows on the other. The Flicker Minnows out-fished the Bandits 2:1 there. Speed was the same.

We played catch and release for a bit, then came in an hour and a half early at their request. 

It was a fun morning, especially after struggling yesterday in another area to the east.

I have the same crew tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to it, since they already learned how to set and retrieve the boards. I think I will sleep well tonight, and that makes me happy! :)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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