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Fishing with Greg, Dave (Papa), and Jake 7/1/2020

by Capt Juls on 07/01/20

Greg called me to see if I had any availability last week, and due to a reschedule I had today open for him, his dad Dave, and his son, Jake.  

He really really wanted to drift cast, so I agreed to take them out to drift....and, cast. 

I figured Lorain would be a good bet, so I told them to meet me at Vermilion to launch at 5am. They showed up on time and we headed down the river in the dark. The sky was just beginning to lighten, and my senses were heightened. Unfortunately, the sense that senses a low bridge with the antenna up wasn't working this morning, and I snapped off about 5" of the glass rod. The antenna cable was still intact and standing straight up, so I was able to use the radio still.

Not a good way to start a day....sigh  I've got one being delivered tomorrow, so I'll have that replaced this weekend.

We headed up to the Sandbar first. It was a 7-8 mile ride from the Vermilion River, I think. We set up to do some casting and Greg caught a few dinks, but nothing big enough to keep.  

I sent a text to a friend who fishes the Central Basin all the time and he told me to go 4 miles more to the east, and I would find a lot of fish. "Tell them to get it on the bottom and bring it back", he advised. I told the guys what he said, and we made our way over there. 

The lake was windier over there and was probably 2 foot or less most of the time, but there were some 3 footers rocking the boat here and there too. Not bad.

We set up for a new drift on the new waypoint and had a perfect wind to take us right down along the side of a contour in 50' of water.  There were some boats trolling around us as we drifted along. Greg caught a few keepers and put them in the box. But, it was down to two rods, because Jake was tired from staying up too late, and just wanted to hang out and not fish.

Papa Dave started asking about trolling, and they said they would like to try it, so I pulled everything out and got it ready. Down went the Ulterra and the baby ETEC to move us at 2.4-2.6mph on a southwesterly course along that break.

The dipsies were set at 65 and 70 on the one setting and 65 and 92 on the 3 setting...all those caught fish.  

A "Racy Shad" Flicker Minnow took one at 65 back, as did a "Glare" Bandit set at 30/80 w/3oz, and a Blue/Chrome Bandit set 40/85 w/3oz.

We put seven more fish in the cooler more in short time..and, they were a nicer quality than the drift fish, so they were happy with that. But, they enjoy the casting, and asked if they could do that again, so I put everything away and went towards Vermilion to find some fish. 

Just more dinks in that, not a stellar day catching wise, but the three generations of the Fish family had a good time making memories together, and the conversation was pleasant....and, that makes me happy.

I'm off tomorrow, but will be back out Friday with Kevin Conely and his son to do some trolling again.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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