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Fishing with Greg, Ryan, and Zach 11/7/2020

by Capt Juls on 11/07/20

Since it was so nice out last night, I decided to bring the boat back home for the night, so I didn't have to stop at the storage building to hook it up this morning. 

I left the house at 5:30, so I could go gas up the truck and boat and grab some ice for the cooler, before heading back to the Kroger store's parking lot to meet up with DJ of "DJ Custom Eye Lures". He had a couple baits I needed and was kind enough to meet me there at 6am. We did our parking lot "crank bait drug deal" and off I went to Marblehead to meet my crew for a 6:45-7am launch.

Greg, Ryan, and Zach showed up a little early,  so we were able to be on the water by 6:45. The sun was just making the sky a beautiful mixture of shades of pink and oranges as we headed out of the break wall and headed east.

I'm going to fast-forward this report to the Huron info only, because where I started is not for public disclosure...sorry!  We caught 6 in very shallow water before the sun got too high and slowed the first spot down. We headed to Huron with 4 hours to fish.

Once in Huron, we set up over 42 feet of water. The Ulterra was deployed, set at a power level of 5, and set to a northerly direction. The baby ETEC pushed us along at 2.0mph. 

We ran Bandits high on one side and low on the other side behind OffShore inline planer boards. The Bandits that ran unassisted were set between 60 and 100 back, and the ones that ran with the 2oz snap weights set at the 50 mark were let out to 90 and 70 back. One ran a 3oz weight at 90 back also.

It was a slow bite for us, but we managed 10 more fish in the cooler for a total of 16 fatties for their fish Fries. They were pleased with their catch today.

The leads that did best for us were 100, 80, and 75 (unassisted) and the 2oz at 50 and with a total of 103 out. 

Speed was mostly 2.0, but we also caught going slower and as fast at 2.6mph, so speed is really all over the place. 

Colors that worked for us today were:
RC Crush
Metallic Muffin
Fruit Dots
Slick Frog

The marks on the Helix are getting better over in that area, and I only see it getting better and better and the water temps go down. They came back up a bit with this warm weather we're experiencing this weekend, so hopefully, tomorrow is another good day.

My crew had fun, and will be back again to try for perch next time. I'll look forward to that, because you all know I LOVE Perch fishing! :)

Tomorrow, I'll be out, but it's not a charter. I have a husband and wife team that does promotional videos for Northern Ohio, and they want to get some footage of the opportunities Lake Erie's Charter Fishing can offer. So, I'll be helping them achieve that goal, and hopefully, getting some good advertising out of it too. A win-win. ;)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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