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Fishing with Gus, Tim, and Rick 7/22/2022

by Capt Juls on 07/22/22

This one, is going to be short and fast, because I had to cut two lawns this afternoon, when I got home, and I've run out of's time to go to bed. lol

Picked my Indiana crew up at 4:45 and went to Huron to launch. We headed out at 5:30 and started out in front of Cranberry Creek, in 26' of water and just trolled ENE for one long pass, until we were past Vermilion.  

I had the Ulterra heading in a way that we gradually entered deeper water the further we went. When we hit 43' by the V-dumping ground, we zig-zagged around there.

We caught fish the entire way, but mostly shorts and junk fish. We did manage to get 23 of our 24 fish limit, though, before we ran out of time and headed in.

This was a learning trip for Gus, and his friends Tim and Rick. They fish together, and use Off Shore boards, but had difficulty knowing how to bring in the outer boards without having to bring in the insides boards first, so that was easy to teach.
They had never used dipsies either, but wanted to learn how to use them, too. They caught on very quickly and by the third hour, we were working together like a well-oiled machine.

They were kept very busy the entire time, checking for little fish hanging on the dipsies, which they usually were, so they got a lot of practice. :)

So, for as far as a "learning trip" goes....mission accomplished!

Dipsies were set originally, in the shallower water, at 25 and 27 on the zero setting, and 40 and 50 on the two setting. Then, as we got over deeper water, they were gradually lowered to just above where we saw fish on the Solix.   Once we were over 40' of water, the best settings were 56 and 60 on the zero setting, and 80-100 on the two setting.

At one point, I put a black/gold Ripplin Redfin on the port side, two setting dipsey, which took several fish, before it was stolen by what I think was a muskie hit. Less than 30 seconds before that disappeared, an entire dipsey set up with an orange/copper Scorpion spoon went missing after a huge tug on the rod happened.
Coincidence? I think not....just a big old hungry beast, I think. Who knows...we never saw it, to confirm it.  So, it can be whatever I want it to be. Ha!

Bandits ran with 2oz Guppy weights, put on at the 50 mark, and run a total back at 125, 119, and 110 on once side, and 120, 115, and 110 on the other side. All of these took fish. 
Colors were:  Green Lantern (2), Furmi-Nuff (2), Blue Chrome, and Chrome Perch. 

Speed was 2.5

The guys had a good time, did a great job, and enjoyed the nice weather we had today. It was an enjoyable and productive morning. 

Tomorrow, is not going to be so nice, and I have cancelled, due to the wind and weather forecast for tomorrow.  They are calling for a couple of decent hours in the morning and then scattered showers and thunderstorms from 8-11 with gusty winds.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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