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Fishing with Jeff, Jeffrey, and Christian 8/23/2016

by Capt Juls on 08/23/21

I had to be extra quiet this morning, because my sister and brother-in-law, who were staying with me over the weekend, and are not used to getting up as early as I am, were still sleeping.  It messed with my routine a bit, but, seeing and spending quality time with them, was worth every kink in my neck from sleeping on Dexter's couch for the past three nights. lol

I told my crew I would pick them up at the White Caps Motel at 5:45, but when I arrived 10 minutes early, they were already standing outside waiting on me to arrive.  After the usual greetings and putting their stuff in the boat, they jumped in the truck, and we headed through town towards Marblehead. 

The boat and truck were already gassed, we only needed ice this morning. We headed to Dempsey's to launch, and were in the water by 6:20.  We cut through Bay Point Marina, and headed NE when we got out on the lake. 

The lake was pretty calm at that time, so it was mostly flat with a little ripple going across the top of the surface. The forecast, was calling for wind to pick up a little later in the morning, but it would be nothing to worry about. It was SW to start and then was starting to switch to NW by the time we ended the morning.  Waves were never over 2 feet.

What worked....just about anything worked.

We set up with Baby Spros (85s), on the port side, behind Off Shore boards, and ran them 120, 100, and 65 back with no weight. 
On the starboard side, we ran a Ripplin Redfin 50/90 w/2oz (total of 140 back...weight on at the 50 mark) 
A #7 Flicker Shad at 40/40 w/2oz
A Yaleye Mooneye Minnow 35/35 w/20z
The starboard side eventually was swapped out to Mag 44's at 50/90, 50/75, and 40/40...and, the port side was changed to the Adult Spros (Madeye 120s), because the speed was blowing them out and twisting the line with the Babies.

Dipsies were set on the zero, two, and three settings and ran spoons.
The zero setting ran at 45, 50, 54 at different times.
The two setting ran at 75 and 80 back, and the three setting ran at 90 back.

Speed was at 2.5mph.

Everything caught fish!  Colors were all over the place too, but the Red Headed Wonderbread took the most.

It wasn't a slam fest on the keepers, but it was always busy in the boat bringing fish in. A lot of them around Cedar Point are in that group just under 15", so next year, those fish will be nice, healthy keepers. I can't wait. :)

Jeff, and  his two sons, had a great time. I let them do the netting, since they seemed capable, and they did not disappoint. No one got "fired" from net duty this morning, like they usually do. lol  
I usually don't let customers net, but since they were there to have fun and spend time with each other, I didn't think it would hurt to let them try it. If they lost fish, I don't think they would have cared. 

Jeff told me on the way in that he wants to make this an annual trip, so he can spend this time with his boys for as long as they want to. Jeffery and Christian both agreed to the idea, so that makes me happy! :)

I thought I had a trip tomorrow, but I forgot to remove the name that was listed, because he said he came down with COVID, and would be rescheduling for a September trip instead....oops. My bad. Looks like I have an unexpected day off. But, I'm not complaining...I need a good night's sleep tonight.

My next trip is Wednesday, and my crew is coming in from Wisconsin. John Stanzyk and his crew want to start with perch and then if there's time, they want to try for some walleye.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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