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Fishing with Jen and the Elf 11/23/2022

by Capt Juls on 11/24/22

As many of you know, I got a new puppy a month ago...his name is Alfie. My friend Jen, and her hubby Matt, adopted Alfie's brother, and named him Ozzie. So, now we have 5 dogs between the two households, and with the pups only 13 weeks old now, it's hard to leave them for very long. But, yesterday, Matt said he would watch all the dogs, while Jen and I went fishing.  Thanks, Matt!

It was going to be a beautiful day, after several days of gale force winds and freezing temps, so Jen and I jumped at the chance to get on the lake one last time, before calling it quits for the season.

The wind forecast was for south winds at 5-10mph and an air temp near 60 degrees. The sky was clear of clouds, and the sunshine was plentiful.  

We launched out of Mazurik's, because I knew Huron would be a zoo. Mazurik's was an easy launch, and the ride over to the Huron area was an easy ride, since the waves were only about 6 inches high. :)

We set up between Cedar Point and Huron...with the Ulterra and baby Merc set on a course to the NE from there, at a speed of 1.6-1.7mph

I had recently added the Fish Hawk X2 to the boat, so I was looking forward to making sure it was working properly before next season starts.  The Helix was showing a speed of 1.9mph, and since I wanted my lures to be going 1.6-1.7mph, I adjusted the speed according to what the reading on the Fish Hawk was showing, at depth. There was a .2mph difference in readings.  Sometimes, it was even more of a difference when I made turns, into and out of currents. So, I am very happy I made that was worth every penny!  It's easy to set up, too!

Jen ran two Bandits and a #14 Husky Jerk on her side, and I ran Bandits on my side.  The starboard side was set up at 120, 97, and 75 back behind the Off Shore boards, unassisted.  Jen ran her side with the Bandits at 120, (I don't know what her middle one was running), unassisted, and the Husky Jerk was 40/40 with a 2oz Guppie weight.

Colors didn't seem to matter much, but we were running mostly white bodied baits. Her husky jerk was orange and yellow with black stripes, though, and took several fish, too. :)

It actually got very warm out there, even though the water temp was only 42.9 degrees, because the wind died down, and we were peeling our layers off and piling them up under the console. I was ALMOST barefoot, but was too lazy to bend over to take the boots off. lol

We had our 12 fish in no time at all, and decided that our chances of catching a winning fish for the brawl or slam were slim to none at the time of day we were fishing, and we missed our puppies, so we went in after only 3 hours of fishing.

Good luck to those that are still fishing for that winning fish! Stay safe, and if you do catch a fish that places you in the money, may you pass the lie detector test with flying colors! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy the day! :)

Capt Juls

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