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Fishing with Jeremy and Steve Chapman 10/14/2020

by Capt Juls on 10/14/20

First, thanks to all of you who were emailing me and checking on me to make sure I was okay, since I hadn't been reporting anything and that worried you. I'm perfectly fine....the wind has just been making me reschedule some trips, so I hadn't been out. I did get out and do some fun fishing on a couple of scheduled days off, but didn't report those (because some days are just for me...ya know what I mean?)  Anyway...thanks for the concern, and I'm sorry I had nothing to report. ;)

Yesterday, I went out prefishing with my friend Capt Jenn to find some walleye for my regular customers, Steve and Jeremy Chapman for this morning's trip.  The water was muddy inside from a blow the previous two days, so we headed north out of Catawba until we found cleaner water.

I'm not going to say where we fished, because it's not a big area. The important info here is that finding cleaner water will help the fish see your baits, so when it's muddy, usually going north will help you achieve that. Just keep going until it cleans up. 

Or, better yet, if there is a satellite picture with a clear view of the lake, check that out first and eliminate a lot of traveling around to find that clean water. The satellite picture will get you dialed in much quicker and save you a lot of gas.

Jenn and I found some cooperative fish yesterday, and I was feeling confident that those fish would be there this morning.  I was right. They were. We got set up with the Ulterra and the baby ETEC working in unison to keep the boat on a course along the edge of a reef in 18-19 feet of water at a speed of 1.7-2.0mph. 

There were three Off Shore boards per side with Bandits and DHJ 14's. Yesterday, the hot color on the DHJ-14 was the orange one that looks like a Firetiger without the green. It took most of the fish, so I stopped at Fisherman's Central on my way home and bought 3 more of that color, because I only had one.  The other colors we ran were white bodied baits and orange/gold/black combos. 
Bandits were running 57 to 75 back and the DHJ's were 47 back.

That DHJ I bought more of for today's trip didn't produce like it did yesterday though, but it did take a nice Smallie for Jeremy, who absolutely loves to bass fish, so he was super happy to see that bonus fish today.

Water temp was 60 degrees up there, but only 58 degrees by Catawba (both days).

Jeremy needed to get back to Columbus early this afternoon, so we only caught their 12 and 1 of mine before we needed to head back in at 10:30. The bite was very good early this morning and slowed way down by 10am.

I'm off's going to blow again....sigh.  

I'll be back out on Friday with Vito Centofonti whose coming down from Wisconsin with his wife Michelle. Michelle may or may not fish with us since it might be a little bumpy out there with a 10-15mph wind out of the west. We shall see...:)

Probably launching out of Mazurik's on Friday...

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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