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Fishing with Joe, Phil, and Mark 9/27/18

by Capt Juls on 09/27/18

Since I hadn't been out since last Sunday, I was really looking forward to getting back in the boat this morning. The forecast was calling for light winds out of the south, and although they were really from the ESE...they were indeed light. 

I stopped at Rickard's Bait Shop for some minnows and ice, because I thought we might get some perch'n in today too, so if there was a chance, I wanted to have bait.  I hit the gas station and then headed on over to Big Bopper's to meet my crew for some breakfast. After some chatting over coffee and grub, I headed on ahead of them to get the boat ready over at Mazurik's.  

They showed up just before 7, so we could get on the water for my sunrise picture...unfortunately, the sky didn't want to dance this morning and was quite dull as far as pretty sunrises go, so I skipped it. 

We headed east to the Huron Dump and set up in 39-40' of water...trolling west. The baby ETEC was set to push us at 2.2-2.4mph. I was having a battery issue with my Ulterra today, so it stayed stowed and I controlled the boat the old fashioned way. Boy, I sometimes forget how useful a bowmount trolling motor is that has "iPilot" on it.  It's like having someone else do the driving for you, so you can work in the back of the boat without constantly looking to see what your heading is.  I got so spoiled!! I realize just how much   Anyway, that issue is being attended to, so it should be back in my equipment arsenal very soon.

We started out with dipsies on the 3 setting at 75 back, and the 1 setting at 65 back. A 40 Tru-Trip Jet swam out the back of the boat at 70 back.  Ripplin Redfins and spoons were both working today.  I give the nod to the crankbaits though, because they caught more than the spoons did...and, the walleye were also a little better grade too.

IB Frozen, Chartreuse with the Purple head, Blue/Chrome, and Black/Gold were good colors for us on the Ripplin's.  I don't know the names of the spoon colors, so I won't even try, but silvers with blues in them worked, as did a chartreuse one with 3 pink dots (it was one of the larger spoons).

There wasn't any time to perch fish, and from what I heard on the radio, it sounds like the perch bite is still a bit slow, so we didn't miss anything.  My neighbor's pond fish were happy I didn't get too, because they get to eat all my leftover minnows...they come swimming up when I show up. They know who loves  It's quite comical sometimes. :)

Joe, Phil, and Mark had a great time, and mentioned how relaxing it was to be out there today. The weather was very nice, and the company was too. Joe did 5 or 6 charters with me this season, and brought different people along each time....except for Phil...he was here in the spring with Joe, so he got two trips in...woot!woot!

This was the second to last trip using this 2018 Ranger 621. I have one more trip on Saturday with one of my regulars, before this boat goes to its new owner on Monday.  The 2019 Ranger 621 will be here around Thanksgiving, I think, so I'm looking forward to getting that one on the water before it freezes up for the winter.

So, until Saturday...

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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