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Fishing with Keith, Chet, and Dillon 6/8/2020

by Capt Juls on 06/08/20

The day's weather forecast was calling for east winds less than 10mph, a temp in the mid to high 60's, and sunny skies. A good morning to go fishing.

Keith and his sons, Chet and Dillon, drove in from Iowa to fish for two days. Yesterday, I set them up with Capt Kevin Swartz and they had a fantastic day of fishing with him. Luckily, I got the second day, due to a scheduling conflict on Keith's end, so instead of fishing with them on Saturday, I got them on Monday. That meant, Kevin did all the work in teaching them how to run the Off Shore boards. My job was SO easy today....which was a good thing, because I was tired. The Dexter Meister woke me up at 1:30am. Then, I laid there... wide awake...and couldn't go back to sleep for the hour and 15 minutes I had remaining before the alarm would go off. Oh well...

Anyway....they got to work right away and set the lines. Reef Runner Mag 44's at 40/50/60 back. Speed was 2.0mph.

After throwing some fish in the cooler, I set out three dipsey rods, and showed them how to use them, since they didn't run any on Capt Kevin's boat yesterday. The dipsies were set at 50 back on the 3 setting and 33 on the 1 setting.  Red Headed Wonderbread Scorpion spoon was the hot one. I also hit the rpm button on the baby ETEC to get our speed up to 2.2-2.4mph.

We picked up and moved from the spot Kevin fished yesterday, because the Helix just wasn't marking what was there yesterday. I figured if the fish were moving, they were moving east, so we went to the east side of Kelly's and set up off of Airport Reef in 36' of water and trolled south along the edge of the reef. Again, the Helix wasn't marking a lot of fish, but it was marking some, so I said, "Let's just make a pull along this edge and then we can move again, if need be". 

An "Attention Deficit"Bandit, that was out on the starboard side at 85 back on the outside board, went back and Keith reeled in a nice 27 1/4 inch walleye. He wanted to release it, and I said, "It's your fish, but I would keep it. I can make that fish taste as good as a 20 incher...just double fillet it".  But, he let it go....and, she floated....ugh.  I said, "Let's pick up quick and go get her...I'm not leaving her floating out here". So we did. 

We went back along the track the Helix laid down to the waypoint I hit when the fish was coming in, and everyone kept a lookout for her. But, she must have revived herself, because she was gone. Whew! 

We set up again from that spot and made the same pass through there. This time, just a couple eaters would show themselves, so we moved again. This time, we headed SE to the Cedar Point area and set up again. The big fish for us today, would come in short time, and was 29 inches. We finished out their limit of 18 walleye and added another 4 from my limit for a total of 22 fish (not counting all the throw backs, sheephead, white bass, and white perch too).

The crew was happy with their two day trip, and are taking home a cooler full of fresh walleye for their family and friends, and that makes me happy. :)

My original customer for tomorrow had to reschedule, because he threw his back out...poor guy.  So, since Wednesday is probably going to blow, I called my guys and asked if they could possibly go Tuesday instead, and they said they could. So, I'll be out again tomorrow with Dan Swickrath and his crew.

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls 

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