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Fishing with Marc and Kevin 4/24/19

by Capt Juls on 04/24/19

Well, yesterday, I made an attempt to go out with Frank Smith and his buddy...ummm...oh heck...I can't remember his name now...nice guy though. The wind forecast was for gusty south winds and a "chance" for thunderstorms. Well, at breakfast when I checked the radar there was nothing in sight all the way back to Wisconsin, so I thought we would be spared any "chances".  

While I was resetting a line, Frank's friend asked, "Was that thunder?" I looked up to see a very dark sky to the west, and listened. Sure boomed again, so I said, "Let me look at the radar again". It showed a line of severe storms heading right for us, but wasn't on the lake yet, so I said, "There's a lot of lightning in this one...let's pick it up and head back in...we can come back out once it passes" They didn't hesitate and we headed back in. 

Once we got back in, I looked at the wind forecast once more and we decided to just load the boat on the trailer, and call it.  We got out just in time, because the rain came down hard, and even had hail in it, when I was towing the boat home. The wind forecast was correct, and I think we made the right call. Both of them are in their late 60's to mid 70's (I'm not really sure), so a rough ride was the last thing I wanted to give them yesterday.

So....that brings us to today....

After gassing up the Ranger, hitting Rickard's for some ice, and eating breakfast with some other Captains at Big Bopper's, I met Marc and Kevin at Mazurik's at 6:15. We launched and were headed out by 6:30.

Marc asked me to stop to take a picture of the sunrise...(like I have to be asked..heheh) so we did. Then, we continued north to my spot up in Canada to see if those fish were still where I left them two days ago, but they weren't. There was a very small pod close by, but not the numbers that were there Sunday and Monday. We picked up 3 eaters there and decided to head back to US waters to fish.

Anyway, we ended up in the usual area between Kelly's and the Bass islands and set up with the Bandits at 50-80 back at 1.7mph going with the wind, and 1.3mph going against the wind. It didn't take long to put 9 more fish in the boat with Chrome Barbie, Huff Daddy, Blue/Chrome, Buck Fever, Black Headed Wonder Bread, and Khaki behind the Off Shore boards. (No weight was used).

The water temp was 47.2 degrees.

Before the morning even started, Marc told me, "I just want to get on the water and decompress, and relax...catching fish will just be a bonus". Well, I took a long way around from Canadian water to that area we ended up in and gave them a tour of the islands on the way down, so that relaxed him.  Then, we caught more fish, so that was his bonus. They both said they had a great time, and that makes ME happy. Mission accomplished. :)

Tomorrow, I have a father and son crew, and the weather looks like it's going to be fantastic again, so I am expecting another good bite from our finny friends below the surface of Lake Erie.

I had to reschedule my Friday trip, because they had to know today if it was going to be a no go, due to the forecast, since the hotel they chose needed to know by tonight. So, I said that if I had to call it today based on the forecast I see, and what the tv weatherman said about Friday...then, they should cancel the room. They have already rebooked for a Saturday in June.  So, if the weather forecast changes for the better on Friday, and someone not too far away wants a trip...I'll be available. ;)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. TIM ANDREWS said on 4/25/19 - 04:37AM
Keep the blog going several of us from Indiana enjoy reading your reports.

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