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Fishing with Marc Miller, Cody, and Conner

by Capt Juls on 11/18/19

The parking lot was 1/2 full already, and the get-ready lanes were full too. I could feel an air of excitement around me as I stepped out of the truck to go free the straps that bind my gal to the trailer, and turn everything on. 

I met my crew at Huron for a 9AM launch, but they showed up early, so we were able to head out at 8:30. 

The ramps were ice free at 30 degrees, thanks to the guys from "Fish Huron" and "The Church of Perch", who put buckets of salt down there for everyone to use. Thanks guys! I'll get a bag to help replenish it if I'm that way again soon. :)

The lake was muddy. The temp in the river was 38 degrees and the lake temp was 42.2 degrees. It was the color of chocolate milk and had a steady roll coming in from the ENE. The wind was out of the SSE at 8-10mph, so it was creating a weird current too.

I ran over to the Vermilion area first, and marked a ton of fish in the 36-40' range, so we set up. I didn't have a good feeling though, because of the water clarity. I couldn't even see my cavitation plate on the motor. We ran three Off Shore inline boards per side and started with Bandits at 90-100 back, unassisted on the outside boards... and, then, 50/50, 50/75 with 2oz Guppie weights on the two inside boards.  Colors were Red Headed Wonderbread, Fruit Dots, RC Crush, and Red Head. 

We caught nothing.

I decided to make a move to the north until we found cleaner water. We hit the 29/24 line and the Helix lit up with fish. They were deep. I felt better that the water was cleaner, but the fact that they were so close to the bottom had me thinking they were in a negative mood at the moment. We set up with the same program and colors and crossed our fingers. The radio chatter gave me the impression it was slow for most out of those who went out of Huron.

Marc said, "Conner has never caught a walleye before, and he's been trying from the piers lately, but hasn't had any luck yet. I hope we can get at least one for him". The pressure was on...just like on a tournament day, when you know you have to produce, or make excuses. lol

Luckily we caught two fish in that spot, so Conner can officially say he's caught a walleye now.  Conner wasn't feeling well from the NE rollers and was fighting nausea as well as he could. He was a trooper though and hung in there. I decided to move again. 

This time, we headed to the area out from the airport on Kelly's in 44 feet of water. Again, lots of marks, but this time the water was a little cleaner. I had higher hopes for producing results in this area than the previous ones, but we would only catch one more eater.

At 2:00 it appeared the fish were moving up in the water column, which usually indicates they are ready to start eating again, but we had run out of time and had to head back in. They all said they enjoyed the day fishing, and were ready to go. Conner wasn't going to argue, even though he was feeling better than he did earlier, so we packed it all up and ran back to the launch with our near empty cooler. lol

At the ramp, I heard the same from everyone else too. "We only got 1", said the guy putting his boat on the trailer next to us. Another guy said they got 3, and another said they got skunked. The most I had heard of during the day was 8.

Oh well...tomorrow is another day!

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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