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Fishing with Mark Cassell and Jim 6/4/2020

by Capt Juls on 06/04/20

It's been two days since I was out, so I was looking forward to getting back on the water this morning. I had two of my previous customers, Mark and Jim, from Wisconsin. It's always nice to get Wisconsin peeps in the boat, because they understand my Wisco slang. 

We launched out of Mazurka's at 5:30 and headed back to the area east of the monument, since that's the last place I had a great bite. There were fish there, but they weren't in the mood to eat.  We caught one, and dropped, I decided to move to the area east of Kellys where my other bite was a few days ago. I thought maybe more fish would be moving through there....they weren't. Ugh...."Okay...", I said to myself, "You're this far, and the lake is flat, so you might as well go to the Huron Dump".  

The west side of the dump was sparse with marks. We didn't stay there long. The ETEC sips gas, so it was easy to make the decision to move again. This time, I headed to the north side of Kelly's and set up just outside of North Bay in 30 feet of water. 

Bandit's were run at 70, 63, and 50 back. The one Reef Runner Mag 44 we had out was set at 40 back. The Mag took three hits, and we managed to land one. The other two came unbuttoned before the board was even off. We went another 20 minutes without a hit, so I decided to move west again. 

This time, we headed down to the south passage and set up in 20 feet of water. We couldn't get all the Off Shore boards in the water with (4) Mags (Blue/Chrome, Barbie, Bare Naked Purple Perch, and Black/Gold), and (2) Bandits (Attention Deficit and Stormy Night). No big fish, but really good eaters in the 18-23 inch range.

The crew said they had a great time, and are looking to getting back out with me again in the morning.  I know where I'm going to start this ;)

The water temp dropped back down to 62.9 degrees.

Tomorrow is looking like another beautiful day on the lake with SW winds less than 10mph, cloudy conditions, and a high of 82 degrees.

It's going to be a very nice way to spend my Birthday...:)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

Comments (2)

1. Pat Harrison said on 6/5/20 - 02:00AM
Happy Birthday
2. KARL SCHERER said on 6/5/20 - 03:03PM
Happy birthday!!!!

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