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Fishing with Mike, Huey, and Karen...5/5/2022

by Capt Juls on 05/05/22

After two days off, due to a weather cancellation, Mother Nature gave us a reprieve, this morning, with very light NE wind, that was blowing around 3mph at 6AM.  

The lake was as calm as the wind, but still had some small rollers coming in, from the NEA wind last night.  The sky was partly cloudy, and starting to lighten to the east. We launched, and headed north out of Catawba. On the ride up, the sun poked its nose over the eastern horizon, and begged for its picture to be, I stopped the boat, and took its can you say, "No", to the Sun? :)

We hit the area from West Reef to Rattle first...nothing.

Then, we hit Niagara to Round....started picking at them on the west side of D Can.

Then, Round to G Can....and, finished up there, between F Can and Catawba.

Bandits and Spro Madeye 120s, run between 40 and 80' behind Off Shore boards, and Flicker Minnow 11s from 40-75 back, at a speed of 1.7-1.8mph.
Bandit colors that worked today were:
Carrot Top
Taco Salad
Blue Chrome
SeaSick Frog

Spro Colors that worked:
Pink Lemonade
Lime Crush
Blue Chrome

Flicker Minnow Colors:
Blue Silver foil dk orange belly
Slick Sunset

Water temp today was 48.9 at West Reef, and 49.7 at G Can...

It was a slow pick, but steady enough to keep them all interested, and focused. 
"Tell us another story", said Karen. "Every time you tell a story, we get a fish on". And, sure enough, Mike starts to tell another story, and a board starts to go back. It was the little things that kept it fun this morning. 

Mike and Huey, have fished with me several times over the years, but Huey's daughter, Karen, never has. She caught on quick, and did a great job. Huey is 83 now, but still has his sea-legs, so moving around the boat was not an issue for him either. Mike took command of the bow seat and only came down when it was his turn to reel in a fish.  I can't blame's the best seat in the house, when it comes to being able to watch the boards, pretty much simultaneously, on both sides..without any obstructions to limit the view.

We were one fish short of their 3-man limit, before our time was up. Lost fish don't count. All of them want to come back again, and that makes me happy!

Looks like another blow this weekend, starting tomorrow....and, I just had a reschedule for this Monday/Tuesday's crew. They were flying in, but have decided that with the forecast and conditions for Monday, it would be better to try it again in the fall.

So, with that looks like, at this point, Tuesday is going to be fishable,..and, I now have Tuesday available, sooooo... if anyone is interested in a last minute me asap. Thanks! 

I'll be off the next several days, so I'll be working in my gardens....planting stuff. :)

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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1. Karen said on 5/6/22 - 10:32AM
We had a great day out on the lake with Juls. She had us on walleye, and it looked like we were one of the few boats actually catching any. We had a lot of fun telling stories and fishing. I recommend her as a guide anytime. We are discussing coming back in July with her. Thanks again for a great day fishing.

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