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Fishing with Mike, Trayton, and Tianna 6/6/2022

by Capt Juls on 06/06/22

Knowing, that the morning winds would be lighter than later in the morning, with storms forecast for the afternoon, I wanted to be off the water early this morning. There's been a hot bite along the east shore from Huron to Lorain, so I decided it would be a good idea to launch out of Huron, this morning. It was cheaper to trailer the boat there with my truck, than run across the water with a 400 Verado.

Mike Shepperson has fished with me for years now, and changes who he brings with him, each time. This morning, he brought his grandson, Trayton, and his granddaughter, Tianna, along.  Tianna wasn't too happy about the early morning hour that they had to meet me, but she proved to be a trooper, and a good luck charm. Every fish, she brought in this morning, were the better ones in the cooler. 

Trayton, is a fantastic older brother, and was so helpful to her. I said to him, "You're doing such a good job, that I'm going to have to promote you to "First Mate"". He said, "Thank you, but I don't know what that is". I explained it to him....;)

We left the mouth of the Huron river at 5:30am, and headed east.  I set the boat, down, off plane, over 28 feet of water, and found there were fish showing up on the Solix, so we set up. 

Down came the Ulterra and baby Merc. With the press of a few buttons, they were both set to do their necessary functions, and set on a course along that 28' contour, at a speed of 2.5mph.

Two dipsies ran off each back corner. The "inside rods" (7' rods) ran on the zero settings, and the "outside rod", (longer..8'3" rods), were set on the two settings.

The zero settings were at 25 and 27' back, and the two settings were set at 35 and 37' back.  However, sometimes we had to close a bail early, while we brought fish in, and that higher lead would catch too. Or, we got distracted, and the bail was left open too long, so it went deeper, and we would catch on those. 
I think the fish are just super hungry right now. (I'm not marking any bait balls, like I have in the past, so that's a bit worrisome, because I don't want to start seeing skinny fish with big heads...because, that would mean they are starving)

Spoon colors were didn't matter.  I had a silver hammered w/1 blue edge,  orange/copper, blueberry muffin,  and red-headed wonder bread.  They were definitely not picky today.

"This feels too much like work", I said to Mike, as I reached for the net, for the 20th time, in a short period. He laughed, and I don't remember his reply, but it was positive. They all had a good time, and did a great job setting lines, and bringing in fish. Mike will be with me again next month, and that makes me happy. :)

My trip for tomorrow has been rescheduled to the fall, and I was scheduled off for Wednesday, for Jen's birthday day, so I won't  be back out until Thursday, where I have another island pick up that morning. Too bad, I would have taken them back to Huron for that fun bite. But, I'm not running that far when there are fish around the islands.  Gawd, I miss that gas sipping G2 really bad right now. lol

See you in a couple of days...

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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