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Fishing with Rodney, Dan, and Joe 7/8/2021

by Capt Juls on 07/08/21

I slept really well last night knowing that the crew I had for this morning were guys who have many years of experience under their own belts, and already know how to troll, so it was going to be an easy day for me. :)

Since they booked at "The White Caps Motel", I swung by and picked them up at 4:45. They were pulling in beside me, holding up coffees from a gas station. "You want us to follow you, or jump in with you?", asked a voice from a darkened car. I said, "You can jump in with me". "Okay, we'll be right back, we just have to park the car", the voice said.

They showed up again a minute later and introduced themselves. Rodney, Dan, and Joe. After the pleasantries, we piled in the truck and headed off to the gas station for gas and ice. Then, we went to Mazurik's to launch by 5:30.

The forecast was calling for SW winds that would build for a few hours and then subside again. It was a nice ride out to the east side of Kelly's, since it wasn't really windy yet.  We went to where I left off yesterday, and found some good marks again. We set up there. 

I almost started my routine of explaining everything, but I saw quickly that it wasn't needed, as these guys were already putting lines out before I even got the Baby ETEC fired up. lol  It was going to be an easy day, I thought to myself. 
They just got a couple of "do it this way....because...." out of me though, because they use a different brand of board, with different releases, than what I use on my Off Shore boards, and I need them clipped on a certain way, so they wouldn't have a chance to come off.  Other than that, I didn't have to do anything. They were taking boards off, reeling in fish, netting fish, and having fun.

The first spot, we set up with Reapers on one side and Spro Madeyes and Bandits on the other. Oh, wait...I notice that there's a Bandit on the Reaper side.. "How did that happen?", I asked, giggling.  Joe confessed, as he whispered in my ear. "I did that, I really liked that color" (It was the Pooh Bear color). "Well, if that's the case, then just keep it there", I said.  

The baits were set out at 125, 100, 80, and 70 back on both sides.  Speed was 2.3-2.5mph.  

We picked off around 7 walleye, some sheep, and some throw backs, before we got close to the Canadian line, where I would have to make a decision to pick up and make another pass there, or go find another area. The wind was picking up and so were the waves, so I decided to move inside to calmer seas.

I said, "This isn't stellar up here today, so let's go try another area closer to Cedar Point."  Rodney had mentioned earlier that he owns a 621 also, so when we were all picked up and ready to go, I told Rodney to get in the driver's seat and take us to a marker on the Helix, pointing to the "go-to" destination on the GPS. He didn't hesitate, and sat right down and got us going.

We set up in 39 feet of water to start and trolled north to 43 feet of water, picking away at more walleye. The walleye were a little better size there, than they were way up north, so the move was worth it, even if it too wasn't very stellar.

We switched out the Reapers for some Bandits that Dan picked out of the plethora of Bandits I own, and ran those all over the water column. 
The spoons outdid the boards in numbers of fish caught, but the bigger fish came on crank baits. I think one of the nicer walleye did come on the Tangerine Yeck spoon though.  But, mostly, the spoons caught a lot of little walleye. A couple of them were only a little bigger than the spoon they were trying to eat too. Aggressive little buggers, eh? 

We ended the trip with 14 keepers. It was fun fishing with them and getting to know these guys a little bit more. They kept me giggling the entire time. Joe said to me, "You're the first woman I ever let give me orders...I usually don't". I laughed and said, smiling, "I get it. I don't like taking orders from men either". ;)

I really felt kind of guilty for taking a Guide's fee for the morning, when I really didn't have to do anything, except sit there and watch, and hit the button on the remote for the Ulterra when a course change was needed. I said, "I should only charge for gas since I didn't do anything this morning", but they insisted and paid me anyway. Thanks guys! Much appreciated.  :)

I dropped them back off at the motel with their fish and headed home to my waiting doggo. 

I have tomorrow off, but my Sunday is swapping for my Saturday that I had scheduled off, because of the forecast for Sunday. Thankfully, he was able to add a night to his reservations over there in Sandusky. Fingers crossed, that the forecast holds for Saturday.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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