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Fishing with Steve and Jeremy 11/5/2021

by Capt Juls on 11/05/21

Steve and Jeremy drove in from Columbus this morning to take advantage of the nice weather that was forecast for today, and met me at the Huron boat ramp at 8:20.  Capt Sam, who runs the "Porkchop Express Charters", dumped me in the water around 8am, before the crew showed up, so all they had to do was jump in the boat when they got there (Thanks, Sam!). 

Due to witnessing a deer/car collision on their way up, and stopping to check if the lady was hurt, they were behind schedule by a few minutes, but we were on our way by 8:30. :)

We headed out the Huron river, towards Vermilion, and set up in 38 feet of water. The Ulterra and the baby Merc were set towards the ENE from there, so the path would allow us to visit slightly deeper water as we traveled further out. When we hit 42.7 feet, the boat was turned towards shore again, to get back to that 40' area. That seemed to be the best area for us this morning. 

The Bandit colors are pictured in this post. I do not know all the names of them offhand. Most are custom colors by DJ's " Custom Eyes Lures", Mike Schlimgen's "Slim Shady Customs" , or "Domka Outdoors". Every color pictured caught fish today.

Bandits behind Off Shore boards, unassisted, between 60 and 120 back (I used 120, 91, 85, and 63 back on the starboard side and 115, 89, 77, and 63 on the port side). Speed was all over the place....sometimes it was as slow as 1.5 and sometimes as high at 2.2mph.  But, most multiple bites came at a speed of 1.8.

We caught 24, but only kept our 18 that we were allowed, and headed in after only 4 hours. Even though they were in both of the brawls too, we went in early, so they could get the fish cleaned and get something to eat, before heading back to Columbus at a decent hour. 

They were pleased with the grade of fish this morning, even though we didn't find any tourney fish this time. They will be back next Friday, weather permitting, to try again. :)

I originally had tomorrow scheduled for a walleye trip with my regular from Wisco, Vito Centofanti, but he had a family obligation to take care of this weekend, so he had to cancel. He's rescheduled that trip to March. 

So, I thought I had tomorrow off, but while we were fishing this morning, I got a text from another regular, Marc Miller, who lives near Cleveland, and asked if I had tomorrow available for a perch trip.  He's been trying all season to get his daughter Grace out with me again, and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that. We all love perch fishing...:)

The winds look pretty good for a Marblehead perch trip....12-14 out of the south, so all we need are cooperative perch tomorrow. Fingers crossed! 
It will be an 8:30 start out of Mazurik's.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

Comments (2)

1. Mike Schlimgen - Slimshady Customs said on 11/17/21 - 01:40PM
Thanks for the shout-out on the baits. Glad they are working for you. I may have to send you a few of my latest patterns to try out. Cheers!
2. CaptJuls said on 11/17/21 - 03:14PM
Well, all I can say is thank you, and I would not turn your offer down. lol :)

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