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Fishing with Steve and Jeremy Chapman 9/5/17

by Capt Juls on 09/05/17

Last night we had some pretty high energy thunderstorms in the area, but they were cleared out by this morning.  Jeremy had texted me early this morning, to see if we were still going, because his forecast for the Columbus area said lots of rain and wind.  I looked at my RadarScope app, and it showed me what he was looking at, so I assured him that the winds were only 8 out of the W early and then building to 15 around noon. There was a slight chance of rain forecast for mid morning too, so he was cool with that and said they would be up here in 2 hours.

Today, Capt Kevin, was invited to tag along, so we would have more baits in the water, and since he wasn't doing anything today, he opted to go with us.  We met Steve and Jeremy at Mazurik's and launched at 7:30...we headed towards Lucy's to look around.  There's still a lot of fish in the area, so after finding what we thought were the right marks on the Helix, using the Mega Imaging,  I hit the "Spot Lock" button on the Ulterra and set up over them.

It was a slow pick to start, and I almost moved, due to the slowness of it, but it wasn't even a minute after I mentioned we should move that Kevin picked up a perch...then, Steve did...and, then Jeremy did too. So, I gave it more time. And, luckily I did, because it just got better and better by the hour.  But, the wind and waves got worse by the hour too. 
It wasn't that bad though, but it was getting pretty bouncy by the end.  I would say, when we started it was 1-2' waves, and by the end of our 120 perch catch, we were bouncing in solid 2-3's with an occasional 4 footer. 

The ride back in was wet for Jeremy and Kevin, because of the "cross wind" spray, that was hitting them while sitting in the back.  I heard a little bit of whining from the both of them, and reminded them that if they had listened to their Capt. they would have had their rain gear with them today. Ha!  I'd like to say, "That will teach them!" But, I know it won't. lol

Anyway, it was a fun day for all of us today.  We took the fish over to Port  Clinton Fish, Co. for them, and the 120 perch weighed in at 40 pound even (18 pounds after they were cleaned), so you can see the size was very good today. :)

I start a three day trip with three Wisconsinites tomorrow, and will be hitting the same spot again, first thing in the morning. The forecast looks really good for tomorrow too. Yay!  We'll be launching out of Mazurik's again, after a good breakfast at Big Bopper's.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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