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Fishing with Steve, Jeremy, and Luke...5/24/2024

by Capt Juls on 05/24/24

Fishing with Steve, Jeremy, and Luke…5/24/2024
Late start, and didn’t want to play, “Dodge the boats” today, so we found a spot all to ourselves, and proceeded to have some fun!
They would have been happy with 12 fish, but we managed 24….in 2 1/2 hours.??
Bandits at 120, 111, and 80 back behind the Off Shore boards.
Colors that worked:
Green Lantern (Slim Shady custom)
Green Clown (stock color)
IB Infected (DJsCutom Eye Lures)
(2)Carrot Top (stock)
Blue Chrome (stock)
Stinger, Scorpion, Yeck spoons…and, a worm burner worked behind the size 1 dipsies, on settings…zero and three…30-40 on the zero setting, and 47 & 53 on the three settings.
Speed was 2.2-2.6mph on the FishHawk
They hit on the fast side and the slow side, so it was constant action for the Chapman family this morning.
Steve and Jeremy have fished with me for 13 years now, but this was Luke’s first walleye trip…his very first fish was the biggest of the morning, and he was pretty proud of that. Jeremy was over the moon happy, to see his boy fall in love with walleye fishing, and having fun! Lots of great memories were made for them, today.????????
Tomorrow, I have a father and his two adult sons going out with me, so I’m not even hinting where I was today, because it was really nice being alone out there, and not having to have my head on a constant swivel, for a change. Sorry!
Stay tuned….
Capt Juls

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