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Fishing with TJ, Layla, and Jager...6/26/2024

by Capt Juls on 06/26/24

TJ Williams called me yesterday, with a hope that I had an opening this week, because he was here camping with his family through the weekend, and wanted to take his kids fishing. I told him that I had the this morning open, and that the winds looked good to get out for a short trip, before forecasted winds and a thunderstorm were due to show up. He was all for it.

I told them to meet me at Mazurik's, and we would launch by 6am. I stuck to my original schedule and showed up there at 5:15, and got things ready, so we could just jump in the boat and go when they got there. They showed up on time, and we headed out.  I headed for the area north/northeast of Cedar Point, and marked fish there, so I got busy setting out lines.

You guessed it, the same program I've been using the past three trips was set.
Bill Lewis PWC Lites on the starboard side, and baby Spros on the port side ran behind the Off Shore boards with 2 oz Guppie weights set at 50/80, 50/50, and 50/27 on the starboard side, and 50/67, 50/47, and 50/30 on the port side. 
PWC colors were the Green Tiger, Blue Shiner, and Black Headed WB (chrome).
Baby Spro colors were Chrome Perch, Purple Glass Perch, and Blue Chrome.

The dipsies ran on the zero settings at 45 and 4 back.  The two setting was at 65 back, and the three setting was at 85 back.  The black/gold Ripplin Redfin did best on the 3 setting at 85 back. The Red Headed WB Scorpion spoon on the zero setting at 47 back was good, too.  The Baby Walleye Yaleye Mooneye Minnow caught three, I think. The 2 setting ran a Confusion Yeck (d-11) spoon, and caught fish, also.

Speed was kept at 2.3-2.5mph
Water temp dropped from 75 degrees (from my last time out) to 73 degrees this morning.

Jager is 7 years old, and reeled a few in, before he went to the bow to go back to sleep. Layla (12 yo) and TJ reeled in their limits, and put them in the cooler for a family fish fry with relatives back at camp, before it was decided that a 4 hour trip was long enough for them.

We went through a lot of small itty-bitty fish, and sheephead also, so it was pretty much non-stop action for the time they were out there. They had a great time, and were grateful to be headed back with enough fish to feed everyone, and that makes me happy!

The forecast is for 12-15 with gusts to 20, out of the north tomorrow, so the couple I was scheduled with will be rescheduling, due to the Mrs being prone to serious seasickness, so we will pick a better day for them to get out. They are local, so rescheduling is not an issue for them.

I will be back out Friday with another couple that is local.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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