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Fishing with Tom and Jason...6/4/2024

by Capt Juls on 06/04/24

I picked Tom and Jason up at the White Caps Motel at 4:30am, and we headed through town, to stop at the Speedway, before heading over to Huron, for the morning. We launched at 5:20, and were out of the river by 5:30.

The sky was clear, the winds were light, and the air temp was 68 degrees.

We headed northeast, out to 40 feet of water, and found some good marks, so we set up with the same program I ran the day before, with spoons and PWC Lites and Pro 85s, with 2oz Guppie Weights at 50/80, 50/50, and 50/27 behind the Off Shore boards.

Dipsies set on the zero setting were set at 40 back. The 2 setting was at 65 back, and the 3 setting was set at 55 back.

Speed was 2.3-2.5mph on the FishHawk....same as the SOG reading on a NE troll.

It was non-stop action, with a lot of throw backs on the spoons, and 16-22 inch fish on the cranks.

I think we only had a full spread out for a total of 5 minutes throughout the morning.

Tom wanted this trip to be a combo test ride in the Vexus and a fishing trip, so when we had our limits by 8:30 this morning, we went for a spin, and I let Tom drive the boat, and that made him happy. :)

I'm off tomorrow, for my birthday, and the next few days, (looks like gusty winds for Thursday and Friday, so I won't be out again until Sunday. Saturday is my best friend's birthday, so I took that day off too. 

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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