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Fishing with Tom, Carol, and Andrew 9/1/2020

by Capt Juls on 09/01/20

Yesterday, was just a short trip with only 4 walleye caught in slightly rough conditions, so I didn't bother to do a report. 

Today's weather was calling for SSW winds around 12mph to start the morning. The sky was mostly clear, and the air temp was around 70. 

This morning, I was meeting new customers for a walleye trip out of Mazurik's for a 6:45 launch time. They showed up at 6:30, so while I finished readying things in the boat, we chatted a bit and got introduced. Tom and Carol brought their 14 year old grandson along and were looking forward to learning how to troll. They have a Lund and fish a lot, but have only drift fished, so Tom wanted to see how it was done.

We headed north after we left the break wall and watched the sun lighten the sky as we made our way to the north side of Kelly's. The timing was perfect, because as soon as I deployed the Ulterra and baby ETEC the sun hit the horizon and it was picture time. 

When the Ulterra was dialed in to direct us on an ENE line and the baby ETEC was dialed in to push us to a speed of 2.5mph we got busy setting out the Dipsies and Off Shore Boards.

The boards were pulling Bandits set with 2oz snap weights at a total line length out of 120 and 110 on the starboard side and 125 and 115 on the port side. The weights were all put on at the 50 mark. (So, in angler talk it would be 50/70 and 50/60 on the starboard side and 50/75 and 50/65 on the port side). :)
*The "Buck Fever" Bandit, which is a purple back and chrome side and belly, took 3 fish at 50/60. The other three colors were "Green Clown", "Chart/Black Stripes", and "Sunspot". Buck Fever, Green Clown, and Sunspot caught fish. Today the Chart/Black Stripes bait didn't do a thing. Last week it was a hot color too. 

Dipsies were run on the 1 and 3 settings.
The 1 settings ran at 54 and 70 back, while the 3 settings ran at 75 and 100 back.
The 75 setting pulled a Rippling Redfin and the other three ran Scorpion spoons.
All caught fish. But, the Redfin came off and another spoon was added as the spoons produced more fish today.

It wasn't a fast bite and really slowed down for us around 10:30. By 11am, Andrew was queasy, so they opted to go in early with 15 nice fat eater sized walleye that went 17-24 inches.

Tom did a great job setting lines, and Andrew and Carol did a great job reeling in fish today. They said they had a great time and want to come back next spring. I told them my favorite time of year is late May and early June, so they want to come back and try it again then.

I'm off again for the next three days...there was a two-day cancelation, due to a customer's surgery recovery going slowly, and a scheduled day off on  Friday. But, it looks like there is some wind coming this way again anyway, so I'm going to take care of some things around here while I have the chance.

I'm watching Saturday's winds right now, and if it's fishable...we'll be out there. If not, I'll see ya on Sunday! :)

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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