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Fishing with Tom Sr., Tom Jr., and Rob 5/31/2020

by Capt Juls on 06/01/20

I was ready to meet my customers, Tom Felle, along with his Dad Tom Sr., and his brother Rob at 9am at Mazurik's for a 9am launch. Yes, it was a later launch than my usual 5:30 routine, but the winds from the night before were still blowing out of the NW at a pretty good clip.  At 7am, I was getting restless, so I looked at the wind app again, and it showed it slowing down an hour earlier than it was originally forecast to, so I sent a text to the guys and told them to meet me for an 8am launch instead.

We headed out, and around the break wall, to head north. The wind was around 12mph out of the NNW, so it wasn't going to be a fast ride to the fishing grounds I chose for the day.  

The Helix would show me some fish south of Lucy's Point and East of Ballast Island.
I turned the boat, so we were going with the waves, and deployed the Ulterra and the baby ETEC and set a speed of 1.8 to 2.2mph. 

I set out Bandits on one side and some Reef Runner Mag 44's on the other side. Bandits were out 85, 71, and 63 back. The Mags were back 65, 60, and 50.  We landed 5 fish in the first short pass, so the guys were able to learn to set lines and bring in fish from the outside board without tangling, and became good at it. My mind was racing, and wondering if I should stay there and deal with all the other boats up there, or go someplace else? I decided to go someplace with less traffic.

A friend told me of a better spot out of the wind on the lee side of an island. ( I'm not at liberty to give that's not mine to give), we picked up and headed there. We set up and ran a contour line for about 15 minutes before I decided to head back east to where I was the previous two trips.  It's a spot all to myself, and there isn't another boat within miles. There soon will be though, becasue it's a popular spot every summer. ;)

We made a tolling pass from the NW to the SE and caught the rest of their limit. Yesterday, the Mag 44's out produced the Bandits in that area 2:1. But, I can't confirm if they would have done so on the other side of the boat. Sometimes, current can do weird things and fish will only hit on one side of the boat, it seems. Once the boat turns a certain way in the current, both sides produce. My Ex, used to refer to that as "Changing the angle of the dangle".  

To make a long story Wisco crew enjoyed the day out on the lake and were happy to be taking home some Lake Erie walleye.

Tomorrow, I have John Dell, his Dad Steve, and his brother Dan. We have a 6am launch set, to let Papa-San can sleep an extra half hour in the morning. 

Stay tuned...

Capt Juls

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