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Fishing with Vito May 21, 2023

by Capt Juls on 05/21/23

Sorry...I have to keep this one short, because I have to get my grass cut...:)

Vito came down from Wisconsin, after two years of reschedules, due to wicked windy weather conditions every time his day was scheduled, and was able to finally get his time in today and tomorrow.

I picked him up this morning at 5:15, and we headed to Catawba to launch. We headed out about 5:45 and went towards G Can, but the wind forecast that was supposed to be west, was northwest, so I wanted to go further north along the front edge of round and go down towards G, but changed my mind and kept driving until we hit C Can. It was just one of those undecided mornings, and I never fished G today.

Since it was just two of us, and we could only run 6 lines today, we set up with two Bandits behind Off Shore boards, on each side, running 70-90 back, and one dipsey off each corner.

Bandit colors were "Wild Thing" (stock color from FishUSA), and "Red Headed Wonder Bread" (Domka Outdoors Custom Color) on the starboard side, and "Carrot Top" (Stock Color from FishUSA), and  IB Infected (DJ's Custom Eye Lure color).

Dipsies were set on the zero setting on the starboard side at 40, and on the 3 setting on the port side at 47.  We started with worm burners, but switched them out to double willow leaf crawler harnesses, and then to Yeck Spoons, after they didn't produce. 

The color that worked for us in the Yeck spoons...I don't know the name of, but it is copper colored with a green edge, a red dot on the skinny end of the spoon and a black dot on the fat end. The spoon running on the starboard side had a blue back, and the same color running on the port side had a copper back. 
I picked up the blue backed one at Hi Way Bait and Tackle the other day. Both the blue and the copper backs produced fish, and both ended up on the zero at 35 and one at 40 back.

Bandit colors were changed out several times...and, eventually, we only had one Off Shore board off each side, with two dipsies off each corner.

Bandit colors that caught today were the  (2) Red Headed Wonder Bread, (1)Wild Thing,  and (1) Blue Shiner. The dipsies caught the rest. 

I had the second dipsey on the starboard side running on the three setting at 47 with a worm burner, and it caught one fish. The two Yeck spoons caught the most fish today. 

Speed on the GPS was 2.1-2.3mph and 1.8-2.0 on the Fish Hawk.
Water temp was 56-58 degrees depending on where we were. 

We made one long pass from C Can to Middle Bass, via the north side of Rattle Snake. The best marks were on the NE side of Niagara. 

Keep an eye out over there though, because there are three sets of nets to navigate around.

We only caught 12 of the 15 fish we hooked up with, but that's all we needed.

It was a fun morning, and we get to go do it again tomorrow. I love fishing with Vito...he's very laid back, with a positive attitude, and that makes me happy!

We will be launching out of Marblehead tomorrow. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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