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Fishing with Steve Giannini 3/21/2022

by Capt Juls on 03/21/22

The boat is still in heated storage right now, so I left the house at 5:50 and headed over to the building to hook her up and put the baits on the rods, that I wanted to use this morning.  All P-10's to start, and Bandits on standby if the 10's didn't work.

Steve Giannini drove in from Illinois to fish with me. His son was supposed to come along, but had to work, so it was just going to be Steve this morning. His son will come when they come back at the end of April to fish with me again.

I picked Steve up at the hotel at 6:45, and we headed to Mazurik's. The boat was already gassed up and the cooler iced, so we didn't have to stop on the way to the launch.  We headed out a little after 7am and headed north.

We searched for a bit and found a spot that the Solix was showing good marks between 17 and 30 feet over 41 feet of water. 
We set the P-10's out behind the Off Shore boards with 2oz snap weights. 
The port side was running all P-10's with white in them. Barbie, and a similar one in color with the Barbie, but with purple on the head and tail with white in the middle with three black dots on the side (I don't remember the name...I call it Purple Squirrel, but I know that's not it), and an orange headed wonder bread color.  That side was set at 20/20, 30/30, and 40/40.

The starboard side, ran all chrome belly,  Chrome Barbie, and some over painted concoction that didn't produce, so it was taken off and replaced with another purple squirrel, because that color was a hot one today.
The outside ran at 50/27, the middle at 50/20, and the inside at 40/40.

Everything listed above caught fish at 1.2 against the current and 1.4 with the current.  Water temp in my area was 36.7 degrees.

We kept to a small spot that was producing and for the most part we didn't have too much interference with other boats, and I could keep on my line where we were catching fish.  We got pushed off twice, but the right of way is the right of way, so you just have to deal with it when it happens, and regroup, and get on with it. 

"My arms are getting tired", Steve said. I laughed and replied, "Well, now that you have said that out know,  it's always going to be the outside board that needs reeled in from now on". Ha! 

At one point, in the last half hour that we fished, I changed out the P-10's on the starboard side to Bandits. Daydream at 10 back on the outside, Sunspot at 81 back in the middle, and Khaki at 57 back.  The Sunspot and the Khaki hit at the same time, and gave us a double. Steve was having such a good time!

The weather was absolutely beautiful this morning. The wind was calm, and the air temp was in the 50s. When the sun came up, it warmed things up even more. Steve was very happy to get out fishing again, after a long winter, and I was happy to be catching fish again. Last week, I thought I had forgotten how to. lol


We went 12 for 15 this morning, and when we reached our limit I said, "Okay, that's our have a can play catch and release if you want, or we can take these in to get cleaned, and you can get a head start back home." Steve opted for the latter, so we headed in, dropped the fish at Bay's Edge, put the boat back in storage, and hit Casa Las Palmas for lunch, and headed back to the fish cleaner to get his fish. I dropped him at the hote, and he loaded up his car and headed back to Illinois.

I love days like this. :)

We have weather moving in tonight and will be a three day blow, it looks like. My next scheduled trip is Friday with one of my regulars, Vito Centofanti, so I'll be contacting him on Wednesday afternoon about Friday's forecast, because it keeps changing. It's hard to look more than a day or two out when it comes to the forecast...just the nature of the beastie, eh? ;)

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. Bill said on 3/23/22 - 08:44AM
Capt, Curious, when you state "That side was set at 20/20, 30/30, and 40/40." does that mean 20 out then attach the planer board and another 20 out? Trying to learn the process. Thanks Bill

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