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Just a Quick Update....Sorry for the long wait....:(

by Capt Juls on 08/30/22

ust a quick update, since I am getting a lot of messages saying they miss my reports, and asking if the new boat has arrived yet.
I'm still waiting on the new Vexus DVX22. It was not as far along in production as I was told, when I let my Ranger go to its new owner back at the end of July. It got held up for whatever reason, that the supply chain issues have caused, and won't be finished until the end of this month..
After it ships, it will need to have more items rigged by my dealer, and then the motors broke in, before I can run trips again.
I'm hoping that by September 10th, I'll be fishing again.
It is what it is. Some things are beyond anyone's control, and no one is to blame.
No one is looking more forward to getting back on the water, than me!
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all my customers that were scheduled this month, and early next month, that were willing to reschedule their trips with me, to a future date. I appreciate you all, very much!

Stay tuned...
Capt Juls

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