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Whacky March Weather and Fishing....

by Capt Juls on 03/28/21

March started out pretty nice, but by the time my charters were scheduled to start the weather turned whacky, and the fish got lockjaw.

I have rescheduled several trips since my last fishing report, due to winds, mud, and a poor bite. I felt it was better to reschedule the trips, than to take them for expensive boat rides.  Watching the fishing reports from other captains that took customers out, it proved my thinking correct. While they caught a few fish, there were very few limits caught in the Western Basin, since the first big blow back on the 19th.  

The water clarity was beginning to improve this past Thursday (26th), but it blew hard again overnight on Thursday and through Friday.  The lake didn't get as muddy after this blow, as it did after the first blow though...as I thought it would, so the trip I cancelled yesterday might have been okay.  It was one of those tough calls a person has to make when there isn't a satellite picture to see how muddy it got after a blow.  The customer for yesterday was given the info as I saw it and chose to reschedule.

So, my friends, Capt's Matt and Capt Jenn Wieland, and I went fun fishing out on their boat yesterday, along with our friend Steve Jackson, because it was a nice day. Since their boat is on a channel back in Sandusky Bay, we fished the Marblehead area.  The marks were very good, but the bite was still off for the amount of fish that were showing on the screen.  The water clarity was very good.

We ran Bandits anywhere from 24 to 100 back and took some fish at 51, 65, and 100 back at a speed of 1.2-1.5mph.  P-10's didn't take any fish, so they were replaced with Bandits. The bite improved as the morning went on, so I'm guessing the afternoon bite might have been better. We fished for four hours and took 7 fish.

The water temps were mid 40's now....44-46 depending on location over there. That means some of the fish have most certainly started spawning now. This coincides with the full moon happening right now too. They don't all drop their eggs at the same time though, so they will be spawning for the next several weeks. 

Now, if Mother Nature would just settle down and stop throwing hissy fits, that would be nice. :)

Today's charter was the first of a 7 day trip with a crew from KY, but Momma N has a different idea for today, because she said, "Nay-Nay not today"...and is going to blow out of the WNW today at a sustained windspeed of 20-23 with gusts to 30mph.....deep sigh.

Hopefully, it won't muddy things up too bad, and tomorrow's trip will be successful.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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1. Pat Myaz said on 4/5/21 - 04:50PM
Fun times!! Great report!

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