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Day 3 Fishing with Walleye Weiss, Jim, and Jack 9/8/17

by Capt Juls on 09/08/17

It was a another chilly  morning, but not quite as chilly as it was yesterday morning. I headed into town to get minnows...Rickard's was open and had a good supply of Goldie's available.   Once again, I paid for ice, but walked out of the store without it (so, Rick...I'll get that tomorrow If I had a dollar for every time I did that...deep sigh...

Anyway,  I met my Wisco crew over at Big Bopper's at 6am for breakfast. We made plans to launch from Mazurik's. When I was moving the perch cooler around I realized I had forgotten the ice at Rickard's and my guys ran back to Hi Way bait to get me another bag. Thanks guys!! :)

We were on the water and heading out at 7am. I wanted to go back up to the spot we were at on day one with them, so we headed north. 20 minutes later, we were "anchored" with the Minn Kota, and fishing.  We were the second boat to the area this morning this time.  
I announced our usual bet..."First person to put a yellow perch in the box wins a dollar", and less than a minute later, I was the lucky one putting that first fish in the box. 
 However, it should be noted, that none of us ever paid out on the was more or less just a bragging rights with pretend money. Ha!

The bite was slow to start, so I kept my eye on the strange clouds above us, because they were calling for water spouts again, and I didn't want one coming down on us. But, nothing every materialized, and all was well.  The sky was "active" this morning with strange clouds, and was pretty cool to watch.

We were able to put 120 nice plump perch in the cooler in 5 1/2 hours, so you can see it wasn't a very fast bite, but fast enough to keep it fun....and, that's all that matters.

I really enjoyed fishing with "Walleye", Jim, and Jack this past three days, and look forward to them coming back again next September. They've already discussed coming back, so that makes me happy too. :)

Tomorrow, I fish with Kevin, Bill, and Jason for some more Lake Erie "Gold". They are meeting me here at the house in the morning (driving in from the west), so that will let me sleep in just a little longer tomorrow...yay! :)

Not sure which ramp I'm using yet, because I'll look at the wind forecast again in the morning. It's going to be an ENE wind, so if it's not too bad...we'll head back out of Mazurik's, but If I need to... we'll launch out of Catawba, and fish those perch out front....out of the rough stuff.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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