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Fishing with Kevin, Jason, and Corey 9/9/17

by Capt Juls on 09/09/17

Back before Christmas, Kevin contacted me about getting a gift certificate when he paid the deposit, so he could give it to Jason as a Christmas present. The first day they had scheduled was back in May, to do some walleye fishing, but it was a blow day, so they moved it to September to do some perch fishing. Today, we finally made it out...and, they were not disappointed.

I had them meet me at my house at 6am, and we drove into town together. After stopping to top off the gas tank in the boat, I hit Hi Way bait for some minnows and ice. Then, due to the wind direction, I thought it would be better to launch out of Catawba, and try out, we did.

However, I didn't see anything worth setting up on out front, and figured we would have to cross the slop chute to get up to the protected side of the islands to look for some perch there.  Kevin had told me that they had gone out of Turtle Creek yesterday, and hit Niagara and D Can, but only caught 5 perch the entire time they were out...ouch! :(

All I had to do was find some willing to bite to show them a good time.  After looking around near Rattlesnake and Middle Bass Islands, I settled on a spot in 33 feet of water between the two. My Mega Imaging showed some good "perchy" marks, and it was the most I had seen the entire way up there, so we gave it a shot.

I said, "Okay, dollar on the first yellow to go in the box". They were all set up and fishing before I even had minnow on any of my hooks, so they had a head start....but, guess who won the bragging rights again...oh yeah...I'm bragging again! Hehehe! :)

When we hit 5 perch in the box, I said, "Well, we just tied yesterday's catch", and smiled.  Then, we proceeded to smash yesterday's catch as the guys all were putting fish in the box and my side wasn't producing anything.....yet.  Then, after they had put a bunch in, then my side lit up too, and I was catching again, and helping to put fish in the box.

We had gotten to 113, and only needed 7 more, when I spotted a boat, with 4 young guys in it, that I had been watching all morning, because they weren't catching anything. They kept seeing us catching fish, and moved three times to try a better spot, but never got too close to us.  

 Finally, I waved them over, and told to set up "right here", as I pointed to the spot to my port side.  He said, "Thanks, we've only caught gobies and sheepshead so far". 

But, there was a slight problem.... the person driving didn't understand boat control, and when I said "Set up right there", he thought I mean drop the anchor right there, instead of moving back up...setting the anchor, and then having his boat set up in the right spot. By dropping the anchor right there, he slid back way off the spot, and almost into Capt Kevin's boat.  

I quickly asked my guys, "Are you good with what we have?" (Seeing how they had their limits and we were just working on mine at the time), and they said, "Yes". So, I told the guy we were leaving and to take my spot.  As we were leaving them, we saw them catch a perch. So, hopefully, they were able to catch a bunch before going home.  And dude, if you're the driver, and you're reading time drop the anchor 100' ahead of where you want to be sitting. lol

Thankfully, my guys were cool, and had no problem giving up the spot with only 7 perch to go.

Everyone had fun...and, I even listened to country music...Corey played his playlist this morning, instead of mine.  It was a nice change, since I have listened to mine just about every day for the past 8 months! :)

Tomorrow, the winds are supposed to be out of the east, but since the forecast keeps changing, I'll wait until the morning to decide which ramp I want to go out of. I'll be meeting my crew at Big Bopper's for breakfast at 6am.

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls


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