Fishing Day 1 of 3 with Jason, Cindy, and John....5/17/2024 : Juls WFA Blog
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Fishing Day 1 of 3 with Jason, Cindy, and John....5/17/2024

by Capt Juls on 05/17/24

This report is going to be short…my face kind of hurts right now, due to a pulled tooth yesterday.
Short story…
Fished over 28-29 feet of water…west of the Bass Islands.
They caught their limits, (I reeled mine in too), using Bandits, and Flicker Minnow 11s, behind Off Shore boards.
Dipsies with spoons…at a speed of 2.2-2.4mph (On the FishHawk)..
Zero setting at 30 and 35 back …
Two setting at 45-50 back…
Three setting at 47…
SOG was similar to the FishHawk, going from west to east.
Red Headed WB, or just a red and white one, with a black dot …was our best spoon…(Scorpions)
“Barbie” Bandit… 70 back was hot…as was the “Purple Glass Perch” Flicker Minnow11 at 120 back. We doubled up on those colors, and leads, and we were done by 9:15.
Nothing really big…a 22 or 23 incher, is the biggest caught this morning….the rest were 16-20” fish….just good eaters.
This lake is going to be some insane fun, in about five years. I’m glad to see all the smaller fish surviving, and getting fatter…??????
Same crew tomorrow…
Stay tuned…
Capt Juls

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