Fishing Day 2 of 3 with Jason, Cindy, and John.... 5/19/2024 : Juls WFA Blog
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Fishing Day 2 of 3 with Jason, Cindy, and John.... 5/19/2024

by Capt Juls on 05/19/24

Jason, his bride Cindy, and his father, John, joined me again for another round of walleye fishing. 
This morning, was really foggy...and, we launched at 5:40, so it was still a little dark out, too. It was too misty to wear any eyewear on the ride out, because it would just make it impossible to see, without wiping the lenses every 5 seconds, soooooo ....that was fun. (Negatively shaking my head).
We went slow, because of the fog, even though there were only a couple of boats out ahead of us, and the chances of meeting them were slim....but, the fact remained...there was a chance. So, slow and steady...with the navigation lights ON...was the decision.
It took much longer to get to our spot from yesterday, but we got there. We started out with the same set up that caught yesterday, but the bite wasn't the same as yesterday. It was much slower. We were marking good fish on the ride up there, but as soon as we set up and turned back on them, they were gone.
Spoons didn't do as well as they did yesterday, either. Bandits behind Off Shore Tackle Company boards from 60 to 97 back..."Barbie at 60 and 70 back was very good, again), Khaki Bandits assisted with 2oz snap weights run 50/18 (weight is put on at the 50 mark, and another 18 feet of line is let out, before the board is attached), and a "Pooh Bear" custom painted color, (by DJ) Flicker Minnow 11s at 120 back, took several, bigger fish, too.
Dipsies were two to a corner...
the inside rod ran on the zero setting anywhere from 25 to 40 back. The outside rod ran on the two setting anywhere from 45 to 60 back. Yeck Spoon, Scorpion Spoons, and BadMo Arrowhead Spoons were run. I tried some shallow diving "Yaleyes" for a bit, but they didn't pull anything, so I went back to the spoons. The spoons started to light up as our trip was ending late this morning.
Speed was 2.0-2.3 mph on the FishHawk
Water temp was 62.4 degrees
We managed their three limits, and I caught 5 of mine. Like everyone else fishing right now, we had to go through a lot of little fish, to get our keepers. Those little fish are fast, and hungry! But, I'm still happy to see them, kiss their boo-boo, and set them free. ??
Tomorrow's forecast is for even thicker fog in the morning, and clearing out mid-morning. I'll see what it is in the morning....we may hold off on going out until later. The forecast shows it clearing at 10am.
Stay tuned....
Capt Juls

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