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Fishing Day 1 with Jeff, Ty, and Jacob 6/20/2020

by Capt Juls on 06/20/20

My eyelids felt like they were glued shut when the alarm went off this morning, but it was "time to make the doughnuts", so I got up and poured a cup of coffee to get me moving. That first sip always tastes so good. After a quick shower to perk me up, I went out on the back deck to take in the weather. It was warm and humid and there wasn't a breath of air moving. I knew it was going to be hot, sticky, and I was hoping the fish would be cooperative for our early start, so we could get off the lake before it got sweltering out there.

I headed into town a little after 4am to do the usual routine of gassing up the Ranger and grabbing some ice for the coolers. I pulled into Mazurik's at 4:30 and there were already 3 boats launching and two more in the get ready lanes.  I was hoping my crew didn't show up late. I was expecting them at 5:15, so at 5am I sent a text to let them know I was at the launch. I got a reply stating, "We are too". "Huh? Where are you", I wondered? I sent another text..."At Mazurik's?" But, instead of waiting for a reply, I gave Jeff a call. He said they were at Mazurik's and waiting down by the docks.  "I'll be right there", I said.  Normally, my crews show up by the boat when it's in the get ready lanes, so it threw me a bit. I'm a creature of habit ya

I backed the trailer up into the first lane, jumped out of the truck, and let the two grandsons climb in the boat, and followed behind.  Jeff backed the boat in the rest of the way, and then went to park the truck. We were on the water again by 5:15.

The lake was like glass this morning. The small annoying rollers were no longer coming down the length of the lake, so I knew the ride would be easy and enjoyable on the way out.  We headed north/northeast again and set up about 9 miles, "As the crow flies".  We set up with the program I ended with yesterday...3 Flicker Minnows behind Off Shore boards on each side of the boat, and two dipsies off each side too.

Flickers were set out initially at 65, 60, and 57  (how I write these numbers is how I set them out...longest lead on the outside board and the shortest on the inside) back on the port side, and 55, 50, and 45 back on the starboard side. The dipsies were set on the 3 setting and sent back 65 and 75'. The dipsies with the 1 setting were set out at 46 and 54 back. Speed was 2.3-2.5mph

The first half hour was slow, and I was worried I would have to figure out the presentation again. But, then, the starboard side Flicker Minnows starting producing (again, Racy Shad was the hot color). 
The spoon bite caught a keeper here and there, but for the most part, it kept the guys busy with smaller throwbacks until a board would go back. The bigger fish for us came on the crankbaits. 

Jeff has fished with me before, and brought his grandsons with him this time. Ty and Jacob had some experience with planer boards before, so the instruction on how I like them set was short and brief. With a few minor adjustments here and there, they had it down pat in no time and made my job so easy today. None of them had ever used dipsey divers before, but they caught on quick and didn't have any tangles today. :)

We were fishing for the "Captain's limit" by 7:30 and had our 24 keepers by 7:50. So, as you can see, it wasn't as "fast as you can reel", but a good steady bite that entertained my crew. "If it's okay with you, we can just go in now", said Jeff. "Is that okay with you two?" He asked, gesturing and looking at the boys. "Yeah, I'm good", said Jacob. "Yeah, that's okay with me too", said Ty.  "Well, my dog thanks you guys!" I said, "He's been wanting to go for a walk for a few days now, but it's been too hot to go in the afternoons, and I might be able to get a walk in when I get home now."

We reeled everything in, put it all away, took some pictures with the fish they caught, and headed back in. It was a fun morning they soon won't forget, I'm sure. Fortunately, I get to fish with them again tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. They already know what we're doing and how to do it, so it's going to be a fun morning for me tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!

According to the forecast, the wind will start out a little breezy out of the SSW and then diminish as the morning goes on.  I like it! Let's hope the fish do too! 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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