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Fishing with Jeff Rankin, Jay, and Joe 6/19/2020

by Capt Juls on 06/19/20

This morning was basically a replay of yesterday morning, so I won't bore you with all that. :)

This morning, I was fishing with Jeff Rankin, a previous customer, and his friends Jay and Joe. They met me at Mazurik's a little after 5am, so we were again on the water by 5:15.

I headed north again, to the same spot I started in yesterday, and set a westerly course along the Canadian line. The set up was the same as yesterday:
Bandits out 65 and 40 back and the Mag 44's back 70 and 60. 
3 setting on the dipsey at 65 and 75 back
1 setting on the dipsey at 46 and 54 back
Speed was 2.2-2.5mph

Jeff had fished with me once prior, so he opted to let Jay and Joe learn how to attach the Off Shore boards and set them out in "marching soldier" fashion.  The spoon program picked up a few on that first pass, lost a few, and caught a bunch of baby walleye. It seemed the closer we got to the islands the smaller the fish were getting, so I turned the boat around and went east instead. 

The Bandits and Mag 44's were not on the walleye's breakfast menu this morning and didn't get touched in a mile long stretch, so I changed them up to the Flicker Minnow #11's on one side and kept the Mags on the other side. While I was doing that, I added another board per side, since we could legally run up to 12 rods today.   I kept it to two dipsies per side, because I would only attempt three dipsies per side with an experienced dipsey, we were two rods short of a limit per person. But, it's better to keep it simple than to make it frustrating for everyone (especially me! lol).

The Flickers were out 71, 63, and 57 back on the starboard side, and the Mags were running pretty much the same on the port side. The Flickers started catching fish at 2.3-2.5mph....Racy Shad was the hot color this morning. 
After the Minnows took a couple more fish, it didn't take long for me to change out the Mags to more Flickers.  Racy Shad was on 3 lines Seasick Frog, and two other colors I don't know the name was purple with a foil side and orange belly, and the other was a burnt rust shiner looking creation. All those colors took fish today.

The bigger fish came on the cranks and the smaller fish were on the spoons. One or two nice ones came on spoons too, but the majority of spoon fish were smaller. Two heavy fish were lost off the spoons too, but we never saw them to confirm what they were (but, we all know....Sheephead never come off! Ha!) was a busy morning and we caught our 24 fish limit (not counting the plethora of little ones) by 9:30. The guys did a good job, and learned a lot, responded well to my continual nagging to do stuff right, and had a good time...and, that makes me happy. :)

Tomorrow, I have another repeat customer...Jeff Thompson and his son. They are doing a two day trip over the weekend. The weather looks like it's going to be a good weekend to get on the water early and off early. It's probably going to be hot and sticky...with bugs. 

Stay tuned....

Capt Juls

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